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Negroni Week at Motor Supply

It’s already over but I still wanted to talk about Negroni Week, which happens every June and this year ran from the 5th-11th. Last week, a friend of mine posted about it on Facebook and I commented that I’d never had a Negroni. So i was invited to Motor Supply Company to have my first Negroni and see what it was all about. In addition to showcasing that particular style of drink, each bar that participates in the international week chooses a charity of their choice to donate to with each Negroni ordered. Motor Supply’s cause of choice is...

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My Besto Pesto & Simple Summer Pasta

It took me a few summers of gardening but once I learned the sekrits of growing basil, thanks to some random pin I saved, I’ve been able to raise prolific amounts of basil from seed for the past several years. And one of the sekrits of prolific basil is prolific picking. So I began making a lot of pesto over the years, using a recipe that I don’t even remember where it came from, its actually printed on an index card in my recipe binder and just called Besto Pesto. Even my basil hatin’ husband likes it and admitted...

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Tacos Nayarit in Northeast Columbia

May will mark a year that I’ve been working in the northeast area of Columbia. This side of town used to be as remote to me as Augusta or Myrtle Beach. But now I’m here five days a week for the grind, and am still finding tasty new places to lunch. Tacos Nayarit is one of those places I’d passed over and over and just never was in the mood to stop and try. But today I was definitely in the mood for Mexican and made plans to check it out. Nestled on Percival Road between I-77 and Decker...

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Going to El Burrito Before We Couldn’t

As reported in the Free Times this week, the beloved Five Points institution El Burrito is rolling up soon due to the entire block its on being bought up by big Hollywood money. Its last day will be April 24. Known for inexpensive eats, quick eats, and tasty eats all at the same time, the burrito place is loved by college students, soccer parents, and nearby residents. I had never been, for no particular reason really, and neither had Patrick, so we rode down there to see what we had been and will be missing. The set up is...

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Using the Instant Pot to Keep the Oven Off

We’re slowly feeling the mercury rise as it slides towards summer, and as we all know, one of the worst parts of summertime is having to cook in its heat. That’s why I’m extra excited about my Black Friday purchase of an Instant Pot ($99 normally, $69 on Black Friday!). Yes, I too succumbed to the craze because cooking with the extremely old stovetop pressure cooker was inefficient and sometimes pretty scary. That chk-chk-chk-chk sound when it got going fast made me nervous. At first the yogurt making function was exciting, but mostly now I use it to pressure cook...

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