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Drink Up, It’s Olive Oil!

THIS IS A SPONSORED POST WRITTEN BY ME ON BEHALF OF EVERGREEN LIFE. ALL OPINIONS ARE MY OWN. THANKS FOR SUPPORTING THE BRANDS THAT SUPPORT THIS BLOG!   The benefits of olive oil are well-known: it’s heart healthy, lowers your cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and reduction of inflammation, to name just a few. I recently partnered with Evergreen Life to try out one of their new products- OLIFE, which is an herbal olive leaf water extract supplement, aka water with some herbal extracts. It’s not really drinking olive oil! It’s touted benefits include: antioxidants, maintaining normal blood pressure, glucose,...

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A Jaunt Up to IKEA, Plus A Stop at Crepe Cellar

When we renovated the kitchen earlier this year, we bought a ton of extra stuff for “just in case” because I figured it would be easier to return a bunch of stuff at once than need to run to IKEA in Charlotte on a Tuesday night from Columbia. So overbuy we did, and we ended up taking a ton of stuff back. But for reasons I can no longer remember I ended up with about $900 in store credit, on top of the $1000 that I got back on my credit card. We had vague ideas of what we...

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Healthy Choice Simply Cafe Steamers

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Healthy Choice. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that support this blog!   Lunch is something I take very seriously, especially when it’s during the workweek. It’s a glorious hour to indulge in not working and not thinking and just spending time doing anything you want. And of course, anything I want includes eating, especially a good meal that will keep my brain ticking for a few more hours. As often as I try to pack leftovers, or a nice salad for myself, some weeks are just overwhelming and it ain’t happening. So when Healthy Choice offered me the chance to try some of the new offerings from their Simply Cafe Steamers line, I thought that this would be a great way to have something on hand that I could grab and take for lunch rather than having to go waste money and calories. I tried out four of their new organic steamer bowl meals and wanted to give a solid review of each one in case anyone is trying to find ways to save themselves some stress over lunch too. Three Cheese Tortellini This is a tortellini with spinach and mushrooms in a sweet marinara sauce. I took out some of the bigger mushrooms because I don’t like to have to chew mushrooms,...

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Puff Pastry Tomato Pie

Summertime is for tomatoes, hands down. Whether it’s plain, big red ones or every color of heirloom under the sun, I’m finding myself unable to resist the siren song of tomatoes at the farmer’s market each week. But that ain’t a bad thing because I can turn them into one of our favorite, favorite summer dishes of all time. The Southern classic tomato pie is something that I actually had never had until just a few years ago but now it just isn’t summer without several of them, even though it’s the stupidest idea ever to turn the oven...

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After the Pin

If you’re like me, which is to say, a late 20s to mid 30s female that has access to a computer or smartphone and enjoys doing things with your hands, you probably have indulged in Pinterest sprees. Yes, sprees. Maybe it starts out innocently with wanting to see how a bunch of things will look together in a room you want to redecorate, or you want to start eating a more paelo-centric diet and need recipes. But next thing you know and 2.8k pins later, it’s easy to idly scroll through the app anywhere – sitting on the couch...

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