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After the Pin

If you’re like me, which is to say, a late 20s to mid 30s female that has access to a computer or smartphone and enjoys doing things with your hands, you probably have indulged in Pinterest sprees. Yes, sprees. Maybe it starts out innocently with wanting to see how a bunch of things will look together in a room you want to redecorate, or you want to start eating a more paelo-centric diet and need recipes. But next thing you know and 2.8k pins later, it’s easy to idly scroll through the app anywhere – sitting on the couch...

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Summertime Has Arrived

The mercury is up there and people are posting photos of their wildly inaccurate in-vehicle thermometers like we don’t know it’s toasty outside. For the record, some people are posting that its 109F and no, they are wrong. Though I love the warm weather, I’ve been staying in for the most part this weekend, mostly because that’s where the things I wanted to do were occurring. It’s been a relaxing two days, with little in the way of obligations, leaving plenty of time for hanging out – exactly what I wanted.   Radar got a Coolaroo dog hammock on...

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Dairy Free Coconut Ice Cream

While in DC last month, we went to a tapas place in Georgetown called Bodega and stuffed ourselves silly with so many types of Spanish dishes. But I still had to end the night with a little sweet in the form of a coconut sorbet that was pure and rich and amazing. It’s the kind of dessert you think about days later. Once back home, I was wandering around the newly rearranged grocery store near me (I can’t stand ittttttt, change sucks even though the layout is better fine, I’ll get used to it) and was looking at the...

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Saffron: Authentic Indian Restaurant with Mexican and Chinese Options

Yes, it’s a real thing. It’s the whole name of this new restaurant located in a non-descript building that also houses a tire store on 378 in West Columbia. I saw the sign from the road the other day and within the week dragged Patrick there with me, all because of the hilariously long name. We stopped by on a Sunday evening when it was very quiet in there — in fact, we were the only patrons at the time. One of the many questions I had about the place was if the cuisines were separate or if this was some sort of fusion. The answer is (thankfully) separate! The menu is mostly Indian, with a section of Chinese that is mostly appetizers and noodles, and a slightly larger Mexican section that includes appetizers, burritos, tacos, quesadillas, chimichangas and the like. Their Facebook page has photos of all of the menu options. Another question I had was simply, why? Why all of those things together. The owner, whose name I forgot to ask for because I was super hungry, was also our server so I was able to get some insight. The answer is humorously simple: He has friends who are cooks that used to work in both Mexican and Chinese restaurants, and they wanted to work for him┬áso… that’s why the menu is the way it is! We...

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Purple Pea Hummus

It’s not often that you’re perusing the bulk bin section of the grocery store and come up surprised by legumes, unless the handle sticks, but I recently was in just such a situation where I found something from a familiar-to-me part of the state. These dried purple hull peas hail from Heritage Farms in Norway, South Carolina. That’s right, Norway. It’s before Denmark and also near Finland, and Sweden — where the country club is, by the way. But I obtained them from 14 Carrot Whole Foods in Lexington, my favorite place to go for bulk grains, beans, spices, and snacks. They hung out here in the house for a while, because I had an insane spring. March was full throttle with Soda City Suds Week and the whole month of April I spent going on job interviews, six overall. It’s kind of stressful to be your best self six times over, but I ended up taking a job in corporate communications that I’ll be going to at the end of this month! But enough about that, let’s discuss these legumes. I was originally going to make a bean salad with this, cutting up all of the vegetables while the beans danced about within the confines of the pressure cooker, softening quickly with the intense blast of steam. Too quickly, it turned out, as once a sufficient amount of...

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