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Trina’s Pimento Cheese – Made with Grand Marnier?

The internet is truly the great rabbit hole. One minute I was reading about The Making of Charleston’s Grand Marnier Craze, and the next I was looking up how to buy Durkee sauce. The article references a pimento cheese made with three tablespoons of Grand Marnier, so I looked it up and found that the Charleston Junior League, of Charleston Receipts fame, has another book called Party Receipts that was released in 1993. Within its pages is a recipe for Trina’s Pimento Cheese. It is a curious pimento cheese recipe indeed. It calls for the usual: jarred pimento peppers, shredded...

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How to Instant Pot — The Book!

If you follow the world of trendy food Instagrammers and bloggers you’ve probably seen the humorous works of Daniel Shumski. Will it waffle? Will it skillet? are all questions that he asks and answers. This time he doesn’t ask a question but he does answer tons and tons of them, namely, wtf do I do with this thing? Instant Pots have risen in popularity pretty quickly since they came on the market, and with good reason. I’ll admit it — I was TERRIFIED of my stovetop pressure cooker, thanks to my parents warning me it would explode if I...

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Stay Sharp For Butternut Squash Season

It was about ten years ago when I first handled a butternut squash in my own kitchen. I was in my apartment, and was expanding my cooking repertoire when I found a recipe for butternut squash fries. The butternut squash was bought, and I was there in the little apartment kitchen with some terrible knives that I brought from home. The idea of sharpening a knife was so foreign I didn’t even know it was a thing. Cutting that stupid squash was my workout that day with those terrible knives. I honestly don’t know how I didn’t lose a...

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Farmers Market Season is Still Swinging in South Carolina

It’s no secret that I love the farmers market. Most every Saturday I get up and have coffee, leash up Meatloaf, and drive down 321 to the State Farmers Market to see what produce is available. Of course, this isn’t a year round venture, I usually go from April-ish through October or November, depending on the weather. Going regularly for an entire year (or warm weather season) is a real game changer when it comes to eating in season. You can see the early spring produce: the strawberries, cucumbers, and greens fade into the squash overload, the many types of...

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The Zoodler – A Twisty Tool to Make Zucchini Strands

One of my hobbies that I’d never admit to anyone in person or on a profile is that I love wandering the aisles of HomeGoods, TJMaxx, Marshalls, Ross, Burkes, all of those discount department type stores. I’ll spend a lunch break maybe once a week browsing. I don’t always buy something, but when I do, it’s something I’ve carried around the entire store with me to weigh my decision. One such thing was this tiny Joie veggie spiralizer. It sat in my uncategorizable kitchen things drawer for weeks before I used it though, but once I did, yesss. Zoodles,...

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