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Tacos Nayarit in Northeast Columbia

May will mark a year that I’ve been working in the northeast area of Columbia. This side of town used to be as remote to me as Augusta or Myrtle Beach. But now I’m here five days a week for the grind, and am still finding tasty new places to lunch. Tacos Nayarit is one of those places I’d passed over and over and just never was in the mood to stop and try. But today I was definitely in the mood for Mexican and made plans to check it out. Nestled on Percival Road between I-77 and Decker Boulevard, Tacos Nayarit, started out as a truck, and then it became a brick and mortar location. Walking in, I wasn’t sure how it worked, but the layout is similar to a Moe’s-like restaurant. You go up to the counter and order from a selection of styles: tacos, quesadillas, and most notably, tortas, which is a Mexican sandwich. I went for a torta, which begins as a flattened sub-shaped piece of bread that gets a quick hit on the grill before being filled with rice, beans, meats or veggies, and tons of toppings. Again, it’s Moe’s-style so you can add or leave off as many things as you like. The finished sandwich gets wrapped up tightly in foil and sliced in half for easy eating. In addition to the torta,...

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Going to El Burrito Before We Couldn’t

As reported in the Free Times this week, the beloved Five Points institution El Burrito is rolling up soon due to the entire block its on being bought up by big Hollywood money. Its last day will be April 24. Known for inexpensive eats, quick eats, and tasty eats all at the same time, the burrito place is loved by college students, soccer parents, and nearby residents. I had never been, for no particular reason really, and neither had Patrick, so we rode down there to see what we had been and will be missing. The set up is...

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Using the Instant Pot to Keep the Oven Off

We’re slowly feeling the mercury rise as it slides towards summer, and as we all know, one of the worst parts of summertime is having to cook in its heat. That’s why I’m extra excited about my Black Friday purchase of an Instant Pot ($99 normally, $69 on Black Friday!). Yes, I too succumbed to the craze because cooking with the extremely old stovetop pressure cooker was inefficient and sometimes pretty scary. That chk-chk-chk-chk sound when it got going fast made me nervous. At first the yogurt making function was exciting, but mostly now I use it to pressure cook...

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Lavender Infused Milk for Cheerios

It was a random night a week or so ago when I came across a Facebook post from my friend Nichole of Gap Creek Gourmet. Continued below in the comments, someone mentioned infusing lavender into the milk and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. Lavender is probably one of my favorite unusual flavors. I perused the internet on the best way to infuse the lavender into the milk – hot or cold infusion? The Kitchn recommended letting it just get to a simmer, while I used a cold infusion this past weekend to make lavender cream...

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Rooftop Pizza Brings Detroit Style Pizza to Columbia

Just in case anyone wants to deposit money into my account, I bank with Carolina Collegiate. Their main/only location that actually houses (useful) humans is on Rosewood Drive so a few months back when I was doing some bank related activities, I noticed a sign at the old Moe’s Grapevine advertising a Rooftop Pizza Pub was opening. Shortly thereafter, the Free Times reported more details on it. Then they opened in December and I finally made it there with friends right before everyone’s resolutions to eat healthier kicked in. Having never been to the Moe’s (yes, I know I...

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