5 Random Things

by April on July 22, 2014

Cause why not, right?

    1. I’m totally procrastinating on a deadline a little right now, because that’s how real journalists roll, right? 
    2. My sekrit- I had never read Harry Potter until recently. My only impetus is an impending vacation to Orlando which will include a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure. Of course I wasn’t going to go into it without knowing anything about HP so I am currently about to start the fifth book and subsequently watch the fifth movie. I am enraptured and keep wishing I was a wizard. Life would be so much easier.
    3. This summer I am obsessed with my vegetable gardening and currently have about 40 seedlings sprouting away in the other room for an early fall harvest. Currently sprouting are two kinds of  heirloom tomatoes, pickling cucumbers, spaghetti squash, zucchini, and broccoli raab. In the ground outside I’ve got several types of pepper plants including jalapeno, cayenne, banana and about ten other surprise shades of bell pepper. Then there’s about ten or so basil plants and a few other various herbs that have been providing tons of flavor so far. It won’t be long before I till up the entire front yard for a garden.
    4. Our fridge (which I bought in 2011 aka practically still brand new) has an incredibly annoying problem up frosting up in the back and it doesn’t cool the fridge or freezer. How many times have I noticed? Zero. How many times has Patrick noticed and taken care of it and researched why and how to fix it? All of them. This house would fall apart without him here to do those kinds of things. Only problem is he blames me for having, cooking, and buying too much food.  
      (except my noodle, but even then my term of endearment for him is food related soooo)
    5. I hate hate HATE the winter but I’m bout sick of bugs. This one mosquito has been buzzing round and round and round in my desk lamp for the past few hours and I’ve all but blinded myself staring into the bulb chasing it with a rag to squash it to its miserable death.


Mid Year Pause

by April on July 3, 2014

Remember six months ago yesterday, when we were freezing and making New Year’s resolutions? It’s definitely six months later and depending on how freaked out you are by how fast that happened will determine if you feel confident or depressed about what you may have accomplished in that time period.

I don’t think I made any hard and fast resolutions this year except to get a new job, which I successfully transitioned to in February and find myself very much enjoying five months later. I am working with great people and learning a lot about on the ground public and media relations, which is exactly what I had wanted to do.

My freelance writing has continued and I’m finding myself tackling a lot more deadlines which is helping to make me a faster and more efficient writer, a skill that I am glad to find coming back to me easily. A once a month deadline is great, but it’s so easy- too easy- to piddle around on it so when there’s a quick turnaround on articles and blog posts, it’s satisfying to be able to put out just as quality work with the clock ticking away. I’ve also taken on assignments from different publications that were extremely fun and educational, and I’ve decided to make my focus on enjoying the assignments I DO take on instead of just taking on any assignment with a paycheck, as that’s a quick way to burn out and get frustrated at myself.

And because the above isn’t enough, I’ve renewed my enthusiasm for starting my own food business, which has been coming in waves for years. I’ve figured out a concept and way to do it where I can keep my day job for a while, and can run the truck/cart (another thing that is TBD) on the weekends while determining if that is the kind of lifestyle I want to lead without leaving this fantastic day job that I worked for years to get into. For the time being I’m spending my free time testing recipes and processes to get them efficient and foolproof, as well as looking into all of the details of truck versus cart, where to rent commercial kitchen space from, equipment costs, DHEC licensing, and SO MANY MORE insane and boring details. It’s going to be a lot, but this also gives me time to save, save, SAVE. Saving money is hard, ya’ll.

So, as we power straight through July, I am feeling pretty good about myself and my life goals and dreams. The only thing I’m afraid of is that I might blink and we’ll be staring down New Year’s Eve once again, and that another entire year will have passed.




June 12, 2014

I like these little memes because sometimes it helps me sort out where I am in the day/week/month/season of life. Plus it’s fun to compare to past ones over time. I ganked this one from Jessica at How Sweet It Is. Eating /homemade  super lemon ice cream with blueberries Drinking / water with so much condensation on [...]

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Summer is Here, Grab Some Pints of Beer!

June 6, 2014

There’s no doubt that cold beer and a hot summer go hand in hand just like that beer should go in your own hand on said hot summer day and no one knows that better that Columbia residents. Both of our local breweries, Conquest Brewing and River Rat Brewery, are ready with cold ones on [...]

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What Do You Do With Kohlrabi?

June 2, 2014

Sometimes these strange CSA vegetables show up and coming up with some way to use it just gets put on the back burner for a while. Sometimes, you even let the questionable vegetable turn on itself, as humidity and ethylene from other produce attack the simple, misunderstood… whatever it is. In this case, last year [...]

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Friday Splurge

May 30, 2014

“Treat yo’ self!” is a familiar phrase to those who are Parks and Recreation fans, but the sentiment should be known to all; because sometimes you just need to treat yo’ self. Maybe you’ve had self doubt, or an insufferable argument or meeting, or perhaps you just had to drop a load of money on [...]

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Spring into the Oak Table!

May 21, 2014

Something that Columbia had been lacking until the past two years was restaurants committed to changing their menu with the seasons, bringing the most flavorful foods to the table at the right time. The Oak Table, a higher end place across from the State House, is one of those places. To introduce their spring menu [...]

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May 18, 2014

It may be slightly obvious that I’ve been half in, half out here on this blog, but I haven’t stopped writing. I’ve used this, my social media presence, and these tools to basically create something out of nothing. I started blogging to find a writing voice that I hadn’t used in a while and I [...]

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Everclear to Perform at 2014 Rosewood Crawfish Festival

May 2, 2014

‘90s alternative rock band Everclear will perform at the 2014 Rosewood Crawfish Festival. “Everclear was one of the biggest bands of the late ‘90s,” said Dave Britt, GRMA Executive Director. “They are going to bring a real nostalgic feeling to the festival when they take the stage.” Everclear formed in 1992 and had multiple top [...]

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May You Get to Have Some Fun This Month – Columbia’s Food and Drink Events Calendar

May 1, 2014

Wait, what? May? This year has just flown by, I can’t even understand how. I’m pretty sure it was just the other week that we were huddled under blankets, shivering away the snow days that kept most of us home long enough for the stir craze to set in. But here we finally are, waking [...]

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