I can’t say enough about the glory of making one quick stop on the way home and receiving a box containing about half of the food I’ll need for the week. That’s right, it’s a real thing, and it doesn’t involve a personal shopper or exorbitant amounts of money!

It’s as simple as signing up for a CSA (community supported agriculture) share. Three years ago I decided to go for it and find a CSA to join and most of them had inconvenient pickup days or times, which would take some of the joy out of it. But then I found one that delivered to a business in the city of Cayce, a convenient option. I signed up and started getting my shares during a spring season. Coming up on my fifth season of shares, I’ve come to rely on it. I feel out of whack and strange when I have to go to the store and choose my own vegetables in the height of summer or the middle of winter when the farm doesn’t deliver.

Check out the variety! And this is just from my small sized share, which is often plenty for me. Depending on the box contents, I’ll usually supplement with other produce from the grocery store, especially garlic or onions. The last day to sign up for a full share is April 9th. Click right hand here to sign up for a share, and you’ll start to depend of it as much as I do! Because after all, when the weather is nice, the last place anyone wants to be is in the grocery store!

ps: They didn’t ask me to write this, I just consider a PSA about my CSA to be useful for all in who are interested in becoming healthy, ecologically friendly, or beneficial to the local economy, whichever may be your motivation.

pps: I have more fun posts coming up, I just have two paying deadlines to get through in the next couple of days, because a girl’s gotta eat.

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Food & Drink Calendar for April in Columbia

by April on March 31, 2014

Finally, the frost advisories are probably over and everyone is coming out from under the piles of warm blankets to celebrate everything amazing about spring, from the first crops to the fact that a smoothie for dinner won’t freeze you from the inside out. But uh, if you go to all of these events you might also need to hit the gym with me. Yes, you.

Apr 1 – Are you a fool for chocolate? Then perhaps the Foolish for Chocolate Affair is where you should find yourself instead of falling for office pranks. Held at Crescent Cacao at 3015 Millwood Ave, Evolution Through Chocolate, B is for Butter, K&K Gourmet Sweets and more of your favorite sweet vendors will be sweetening your day. 12-6 p.m.

Apr 2 – Learn how to pair beers with healthy foods- really healthy ones!- with Girls Pint Out at the new Good Life Cafe location on Main Street. 7 p.m., event is free, food is around $12/plate and beer is around $5-6/pint

Apr 3First Thursdays on Main should finally be warm enough to really enjoy the cold beers, or a glass of white wine while roaming the blocks on Main that are shut down to allow the community to explore what’s new and still happening in the heart of downtown. 6 p.m., free

Apr 3 – Japan in the Jazz Age tour and tasting at the Columbia Museum of Art gives you exactly what it promises. Doug from Vino Garage will bring Japanese sakes and Asian-inspired wines to sip while exploring the exhibit. 6 p.m., $65 for non-members

Apr 5 – Did you know that It’s All About Herbs at their annual festival in Lexington? Held on Fox St., vendors sell and sample herb heavy wares, and herb demos go on throughout the day 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., free

Apr 5 – Sample cuisine from around the world at the annual Columbia International Festival, along with stimulating your other senses with music, performances, and a parade of nations, $5

Apr 5-6 – Get your road trip on for the Midlands Farm Tour, where 10 Midlands farms are throwing their gates open and letting the public check out there operations. $25/car for the whole weekend

Apr 11 – Columbia’s Local Taste is at Provisions, on Millwood Ave to kick off the spring season with the best local artisan products available. 4-7 p.m., free

Apr 12 - The bi-annual Art Bar Agora starts consists of an art sale, tons of live music, and most importantly, food by Chef Joe Turkaly. Try his joefu (aka tofu!). 5 p.m.- 2 a.m., $6 cover

Apr 13Slow Food at Indie Grits makes its return as what I will go ahead and call my favorite food event of the year in all of Columbia. Three hours of samples from professional and home chefs make for the perfect Sunday Funday. 3-6 p.m., $10-20 depending on ticket level

Apr 14 – Farm to Table Event Co. will be holding its first ever Root to Tip Vegetarian Harvest Dinner at City Roots! Buy your tickets, support plant based diets in Columbia and help show chefs and event planners that there are more of us than they thought! 6:30 p.m., $60

Apr 22Wine for Water Celebration isn’t quite about the miracles of Jesus, but it is to raise money for the Rocky Branch and Gills Creek wastersheds while enjoying the view of the Congaree from the deck at Senate’s End. 6 p.m., $35 for non members

Apr 25-27 – Ayurvedic eating isn’t the simplest to explain, but it helps balance your body based on different food types for different body types. Begin learning in the 1st of a 4 weekend workshop series held at Sun Spirit Yoga Wellness in West Columbia. Certified yoga instructors can become ayurvedic specialist certified. $349 for the first weekend

Ap 26 – Enjoy some pints and poses with Girls Pint Out as we fold forward among the fermenters and downward dog before drinking! Bring a yoga mat if you have one and dress comfortably. 10 a.m. at Conquest Brewery, $10 includes the class and a pint

 Apr 29 – Cooking while camping doesn’t just have to be a can of beans heated up over the fire! Head down to Santee with Charleston Cooks! to learn about how to make camping more like… glamping. Must register by April 16, registration is limited to 15. $150-200

Know of any upcoming food or drink events in Columbia? Let me know and I’ll get them on the calendar!


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