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Trina’s Pimento Cheese – Made with Grand Marnier?

The internet is truly the great rabbit hole. One minute I was reading about The Making of Charleston’s Grand Marnier Craze, and the next I was looking up how to buy Durkee sauce. The article references a pimento cheese made with three tablespoons of Grand Marnier, so I looked it up and found that the Charleston Junior League, of Charleston Receipts fame, has another book called Party Receipts that was released in 1993. Within its pages is a recipe for Trina’s Pimento Cheese. It is a curious pimento cheese recipe indeed. It calls for the usual: jarred pimento peppers, shredded...

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Potato Salad, the Only Way I Think is Right

There are some recipes that can only be made one way, and all of the other ways are wrong. To me, potato salad falls in that category. The only right way to make it is just like my mom makes it, and if you add celery, onions, or so much paprika that it turns orange, YOU ARE WRONG. If you don’t add mayo AND mustard, YOU ARE WRONG. In fact, the only improvement I’ve made to the method she taught me is adding extra dill. And I say method she taught me because I never received any measurements or...

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Succotette, or a Succotash Galette

Really weird strikes of inspiration are my favorite kinds, the ones that hit like a lightning bolt and inspire creative action. At the farmers market the other week I saw all the making of delicious succotash right there in front of me, so I bought them all and brought them home. The next step was making the succotash. There are truly so many versions of it, from the classic Charleston Receipts version which is just butter beans and corn to the more lavish ones that include a combination of tomato, bell pepper, and okra. Of course I made the...

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Caprese Pearl Barley Salad

A few years ago at one of our book club pool parties, someone brought an awesome caprese barley salad. We all devoured the entire bowl if I remember correctly. It was so delicious and light yet filling, so I looked up the recipe later to try and recreate it. I swore I pinned it but it seems like I didn’t, so tonight I winged it to see if I could get it to be just as good as it was then. And this time, I’m pinning it plus it’ll be here too. I thought about this salad today because...

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Charleston Receipts – Tomato Okra Pilau

If you’ve been reading long enough or just know me, you know I love vintage cookbooks. One of my favorites is the classic Charleston Receipts, which I received from Patrick when his uncle passed away a few years ago. One of the things beyond studying the historical dishes that have been passed down from generations is to make and update them a bit to better suit how we eat and cook now. This week I’m tackling the Tomato Okra Pilau for no other reason than I saw okra at the farmers market the other week and just had to...

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