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An Easy Dinner with Trader Joe’s Thai Green Curry Simmer Sauce

There’s nothing like an easy dinner to warm you up quickly when it’s really cold out. This one can be done in the time it takes a rice cooker to be done with a cup of rice, or about 20 minutes. The base of the dish is this great green curry simmer sauce from Trader Joe’s It’s not very spicy on it’s own, so if you like your curry with some heat, you’ll want to add in some diced hot peppers. This dish also reheats really well for lunch leftovers. In other words, it’s a pretty perfect meal. Rice...

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My Grandmother’s Cheese Ball

Something was wrong with me as a kid. I mean really wrong with me. I had some bizarre aversion to certain cheese products. I think I mentioned here before that something in my brain thought that the pimentos in pimento cheese were pieces of fish (I really have no explanation for this), therefore I was well into college before ever trying pimento cheese. Obviously, I’ve made serious changes in my life to rectify the situation. And again, with the cheese ball I had this notion that it was just wrong and bad and no. The holiday cheese ball that...

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Oh My Guac, There’s Olive Oil In This

We’ve all got those few foods that we just don’t want to like. And occasionally, it seems worthwhile to re-try some of those foods. Others, never. My never food is olives. I refuse to even try olives. But guacamole and avocados are on my re-try list every so often. I haven’t bought into avocado toast yet, but recently in Mexico, I tried guacamole again on a whim. And it was SO GOOD. It could just be blamed on the fact that we were in Mexico and the avos probably came from a few miles away, but our lovely server...

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Sorghum Gingerbread People

Sorghum is making a comeback. And when ingredients are making a comeback, it’s important to invite them to the table, tell everyone about them, and get more people using them so there’s a demand and the farmer will grow more. It’s economics, but tastier. So I like to help facilitate that by showing new ways to make those ingredients more familiar and integrating them into recipes. These sorghum gingerbread people are just one example. The molasses in the gingerbread cookies is replaced by sorghum, as they have a similar consistency and role in the cookie’s taste, but with a...

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Autumn Nachos for that Fall Feeling

I got hit with a bolt of inspiration the other day: autumn nachos. I googled around and found nothing else of the sort. As my mind raced I used the Notes app on my phone to keep track of the ideas. These were gonna be some heavy nachos at first, as my initial thoughts included baked butternut squash shreds and pomegranate arils on top of everything else below. Let’s be glad that I left those off for the structural integrity of the chips. This is a very customizable recipe that looks like more effort than it’s worth, but it’s...

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