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Caprese Pearl Barley Salad

A few years ago at one of our book club pool parties, someone brought an awesome caprese barley salad. We all devoured the entire bowl if I remember correctly. It was so delicious and light yet filling, so I looked up the recipe later to try and recreate it. I swore I pinned it but it seems like I didn’t, so tonight I winged it to see if I could get it to be just as good as it was then. And this time, I’m pinning it plus it’ll be here too. I thought about this salad today because...

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Tequila Week at Tin Lizzy’s

So who still does tequila shots? I don’t generally fall into that category anymore but I made an exception this week when I was invited to try out the tequila shots that Tin Lizzy’s is promoting this week in honor of National Tequila Day (which is today) but they are extending it out all week because why not? We also enjoyed dinner with our shots because we’re old now and can’t handle liquor on empty stomachs. This was also a nice chance to check out Tin Lizzy’s, which I haven’t been to since shortly after they opened. I guess...

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It’s Prime Corn Preserving Season!

Cornfields are popping with ears of corn and this is exactly when you want to go to the farmers market and buy tons of it to save for the winter months. This past weekend I got a dozen ears for $3 at the State Farmers Market, and there are probably even better deals if you get larger quantities. My goal for these ears was to freeze them to use in those awful winter months when all you want is a little memory of warm sunshine, which these pretty yellow ears will deliver. Freezing corn is a quick and easy...

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Charleston Receipts – Tomato Okra Pilau

If you’ve been reading long enough or just know me, you know I love vintage cookbooks. One of my favorites is the classic Charleston Receipts, which I received from Patrick when his uncle passed away a few years ago. One of the things beyond studying the historical dishes that have been passed down from generations is to make and update them a bit to better suit how we eat and cook now. This week I’m tackling the Tomato Okra Pilau for no other reason than I saw okra at the farmers market the other week and just had to...

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Mini Tomato Pies

FACT: There are not a lot of reasons to turn the oven on in 94 degree weather in June in South Carolina. But these miniature tomato pies I’m bout to show you are. One of my favorite summer eats is the glorious tomato pie, which I’ve made every which way but never thought about til this year of how to solve the only problem related to it, and that problem is soggy crust. We all like to think that we can eat an entire 9″ pie in one sitting but let’s face it, we can’t. Thus, the next eating...

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