The thing about having annoyingly specific tastes is that it takes a while to find what you’re looking for. The reward though, is that split second, gut-reaction feeling that comes when you know you’ve found it. After I found and refinished my dresser, a boring brown IKEA Malm was no longer cutting it, so I launched a concentrated mission to find a close as possible match of a nightstand. This below was not it.

So I kept up on my search. One Sunday when I was trolling the Old Mill Antique Shop (one of my favorites, check it out sometime, on State Street) I stopped by the Plant Shop right next to it and was speaking with the gentleman behind the counter, asking for his advice on where to locate another item and he suggested that I check out ATOP #1 Antique Mall on Highway 1 between the flea market and I-20. As soon as I could I headed out there and at first was disappointed in this little room full of mismatched stuff until a woman sent me down a small, crowded hallway that let to the most glorious sight- an entire warehouse full of antiques and odd and ends of all sorts. After making if nearly three fourths of the way through the space with my eyes laser focused on the signature mid century modern legs, I stumbled upon it.

This seafoam green table with junk on top of it looked like the right proportions as I eyeballed it over and tested the drawer and its overall stability. I looked it over again and saw the $40 price tag and decided to finish my round of the rest of the building. Then after a quick backtrack where I snapped the photo above, I actually did finish looking around, but not as thoroughly as before, my mind was overcome. After finding the owner of that booth and engaging in some light negotiations, we settled on a price and $30 later, she was helping me load it into the back of my truck.

If you know me well you know that I am sooo impatient, a trait I inherited from my grandfather, and almost immediately got to work de-seafoam greening this bad boy with some Kilz. A few coats later, it was time for the semi-gloss, then the colors. I chose dark gray for the opening in the bottom to echo the darker bottom of the dresser, and a medium gray to balance out both the dark gray and the overall white. One matching handle screwed in and it was ready to go.

I was going to find a basket to fit underneath to conceal my junk but I actually like the opening to keep my stacks of bedside books instead of letting them pile up on top, as I am wont to do.

This latest addition to my room is probably the last of the mid century modern stuff, but it’s so perfect and easy to sweep underneath that perhaps my entire house will slowly be up on little six inch legs so that it’ll be easier to keep the dog hair tumbleweeds at bay.

Have you come across any awesome antique or thrift store finds lately?