My Google Reader is full of inspiration, and for the most part I can appreciate it and move along. But sometimes, all those pretty pictures give me an idea, and eventually, I follow through. Last week I had some extra time on my hands and a nervous energy that I needed to get out by throwing my mind and body into something many things. When I saw this post on Brooklyn Limestone, after an already impressive parade of fancy closets that were featured previously, I got the itch. I had plenty of white primer, semi gloss white paint, and a pint of satin paint the same color as the walls in my room. Plus, I needed to get some of the random weird stuff out of there, so this was a good a time as any to get that done too.

Here’s what I started with. My range bag, random boxes, stuffed weasel, jeans piled up, clothes cleaning accessories, sweaters jammed in, belts all piled up on the door, and shoes all willy nilly with dog hair tumbleweeds absolutely covering the bottom row, which is why I never actually wear them.

Everything came out of the closet. Insert a LOL witty gay comment here. It’s okay, this is a safe space. Homo friendly, remember?

Next was a coat of white primer on all three walls and the ceiling of the closet. Though not pictured above, I did cover the floor of the closet with magazine pages because I am the worst when it comes to dripping paint all over everything. Since the next steps all look the same, I’ll skip those photos but once the primer was dry, I used white semi gloss on the left and right walls, trim, and the ceiling. The shelves got a coat of white semi gloss too, and everything was left to dry for a few hours while I went piddling around Lexington with my mom under the pretense of shopping, when all we really wanted to do was get out of the house and focus on anything but reality.

Then I got back home with one new top, a fresh brow wax, and lunch in my belly and taped up the edges and painted the back wall the same color as the walls outside the closet. Then the shoes all got scrutinized and the remaining winners got placed lovingly back in their new home.

The rest of my closet appropriate things got placed back in neatly and more corralled than they were before. A matching basket holds my Hollywood Tape, lint brushes, heel pads, sweater shaver, and other clothes-fixin related accessories. Belts got put back on in a way where they aren’t all tangled up like snakes. The only non-clothes related things in there is my shooting range bag, but I really don’t have anywhere better to put it, and I like it out of sight but still easily accessible in case someone tries to break in in the night.

Prettyyyyy. It isn’t as fancy or out of this world as some of the other closet makeovers out there, but I think I did decent, considering that this is not a walk in closet in the least. It doesn’t make a huge difference in the room overall, really, but it helps to unify the space with it when the door is open, plus is makes me happy and gave me something to do with myself for the better part of a day. Who can argue with that?

The only things left to do are to get a thing to go at the bottom of the door to help keep the doggie dust bunnies away, and to install and LED touch light at the top to make it a little more visible in there, and those can be taken care of next time I go to the hardware store.

What have you been doing to prettify your house or to keep yourself busy?