One of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon is to browse through the Old Mill Antique Mall on State Street. It’s humongous, clean, doesn’t smell like old, dusty junk and you can always find something you didn’t know you needed there. Every time. It’s like they have a spell cast over the place. While there today, I took some pictures of some fun things, some weird things, and some things I want to go back and get in the near future.

These glasses were there last time I went in about two months ago. I think it’s $12 for a set of 4. I super want the low stemmed ones on the left.

Hmm this creature looks familiar. Maybe it’s a representation of how Oliver will look if he doesn’t stop eating the damn dog food!

Little replicas of landmarks, including this cute one of the Longstreet Theatre. Great present for a USC Theatre grad.

Attention all brides: Blue Mason jars ahoy here! There was also a whole nother shelf jam packed with these towards the back. They are priced at about $8 apiece. Wonder if I can re-sell them for more on Cha ching? Actually, I really want one for myself now.

Or how about this super cute baby mason jar?? Ahh, I love it. It’s totally useless except as an adorable tiny little thing. Or maybe holding a few paper clips.

These two sections where you see all of the beautiful colored glass are my favorite parts of the whole store, and what initially drew me in. I saw the glass when I was driving down State and one day I took the plunge into all of the awesomeness there. I’ve gotten several things for the house and some of the best gifts I’ve gotten for people came from there. If you’re local, take an hour or two out of your afternoon to enjoy everything there is to see at the Old Mill Antique Mall located on State Street in West Columbia.