Feef = Faux Beef

Let me preface this post with this thought: I will be so glad when I get my Canon back, and so will this blog, because these cellphone pictures are just on this side of not cutting it. I will try to re-take better images with my camera once it comes back home to me, if the opportunity presents itself. Without further ado, my review of feef: This is my second meal of the day and this one features Trader Joe’s Beef-less Strips. Yes, I am still eating through products from my Charlotte trip over a month ago. I read a few reviews online regarding these beef flavored strips, and I went in expecting them to be terrible. I wanted to put as little effort as possible into these in case they tasted terrible. I decided a stir fry would be the best choice, as there would be vegetables to complement the feef, and soy sauce to add additional flavor. My verdict… is that these are good! Buy them again good! I am sad that I used the entire package in the stir fry, because I bet these would be amazing in fajitas. !Recipe Alert! The steps I took to make this feef stir fry are as follows*: 1. Heat olive and sesame oil in a large pan or wok over medium high heat. Meanwhile, mince 2-3 garlic cloves and...

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Save Money, Do Awesome Stuff This Weekend

Awesome Free Things To Do This Weekend, Wherever You Are: You can see a blue moon while drinking a Blue Moon. Enjoy the amazing weather outside with a book/magazine/your laptop. Catch up on your sleep after the God awful time change. Then feel free to enjoy the sunnier evenings! I have to say, every morning this week was a real challenge. I can’t wait to really get acclimated to having sprung forward. Columbia Specific Free Awesome Things: St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Five Points. The drinking and music after wards is not free. Check out the Who Shot Rock & Roll exhibit at the Columbia Museum of Art (it’s free on...

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Good Life Cafe Review

Good Life Cafe in West Columbia specializes in organic, raw*, vegan fare that opened in February 2011. It’s brand new and seems to have quite the following already! Their menu includes more new things to try each time I have been there. Today my Friend With Great Taste (FWGT) suggested we go there for lunch and being that she has great taste, I said sure, why not? I checked their Facebook page to see what was available for the day, and Spaghetti with Meatless Balls caught my eye (mostly because of the word balls, don’t give me too much credit here). When we got there, I saw the daily menu and price list on the wall and the $13.95 for the Spaghetti and Meatless Balls, I will admit, I wanted to flee to cheap Mexican food around the corner. But FWGT talked me out of it and we ordered our balls meals. This huge plate of much more than “spaghetti and meatless balls” is what arrived and was placed in front of me: Close up of cauliflower, broccoli salad with a lemony flavor: Corn and jicama (which I now know is pronounced “hee-cama”) salad, which was my favorite item on my plate and the first thing gone: The spaghetti and meatless balls, the star of the meal is made out of spiraled zucchini shreds. I want to see the...

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It’s About Time This Happened

(Photo credit: shoes.com) As I semi-planned last month, I went ahead and got myself a brand new pair of shoes! I haven’t bought new running shoes since 2005, and the only reason I know the exact year is because the guy I was dating at the time convinced me that I should get the green highlighted shoes instead of the pink ones. He’s obviously out of the picture (terrible taste in color choices were the reason, just kidding), the green shoes are starting to be uncomfortable to run in, as the cushioning is pretty flat, and these babies should be in my hands by the middle of next week if not earlier. I am so excited. These babies, along with the vegan ice cream I am going to start experimenting with this week should put me well on the road to rocking a hot, fit lake...

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X Marks the Superstituous Spot

This morning on my drive to work a white cat ran across the street in front of my car about 100 yards out. I am one of those people who instinctively makes an X on the windshield when a black or even a dark colored cat crosses my driving path. I was wondering if I should maybe make an O for the white cat, but then I got sidetracked thinking about superstitions, old wives tales, and just plain b.s. that we get told and still believe to this day. It may sound weird to some, but it was ingrained in me as a kid from somewhere to make an X for black cats crossing my path, and I don’t even know the origins of this gesture (To the Internet!). In the summer when my windshield fogs up from the rain, the evidence of my neuroses is the most evident. Maybe I need to clean the inside of my car more often. (Photo credit: Flickr) Other car related superstitions or traditions that were instilled in me was “holding the roof of the car up while crossing a (suspension) bridge so that it doesn’t fall on us!” was taught to me and my cousins by our grandmother. I don’t still do that, but sometimes I think about it, especially the rare occasions that I am near that same bridge near my...

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Work Eat Rinse Repeat

My weekend started out with a Carolina baseball game with coworkers and spouses/significant others. One particular coworker/friend and I decided that since we were JUST SO CLOSE to our favorite bar, we’d make an appearance. So we did. I saw this guy there that stood out from the crowd and he looked very familiar. I kept looking at him, and we made inadvertent eye contact a lot. I had a hunch on who it was, so once I got home I Googled and by God, I was right. It was the bassist from Crossfade! Awesome. Next time I will know and will have to go converse with him instead of just eyeballing him. Despite the alcohol, I got up Saturday and went to tend a store where I used to work during college. Thank God I could get this right across the street: Mmm. It came from Pizza Man on Rosewood. I love their current sign. I have never had Pizza Man, and it was great. Tons of cheese, good sauce, crust wasn’t too thick or too thin. Much better than the Papa John’s I used to order in. I took my computer there because it was predicted to be a slow sales day, which it kind of was. I did lots of Internetting in between my intermittent customers. I love working alone, and yesterday just cemented it. It...

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Fruit & Vegetable Fail

This is the aftermath of my afternoon snack. I have been really terrible about eating my fruits and vegetables this week, so I made myself, once and for all eat these strawberries I brought to the office and left in the fridge since Monday. Yes, since Monday, it’s gross I know. They were a bit on the almost overripe side, which is why a few of them aren’t eaten all the way to the top. Not eating my fruits and vegetables feels especially bad so me since I am a vegetarian. What in the hell else have I been eating? Carbs and cheese, as evidenced by last night’s creation. Tuesday night was a semi okay night, as we went to Cellar on Greene, which is attached to Claussen’s Inn (to the left) with our couple friends of whom the husband is about to go for a year to Afghan-iraq-an. I am not sure which place, but that covers most of the possibilities. Back to the food though. I had the $19 for three courses deal, my choices being the watercress salad, the pasta primavera, and peanut butter pie for dessert. The salad was amazing, with candied pecans, fresh tangy goat cheese, adorable little watercress leaves that felt like I was eating shamrocks, these fantastically mild onion slices on top, and more accouterments. The pasta primavera was chock full of...

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Trying To Find Happiness In A Pan

Tonight’s recipe is brought to you by the following sponsors: leftover cheese from the party Alton Brown as my muse A terrible day at work I have this cheese in the fridge left over from the party and I had already grated all of this off of it before snapping the picture of the drawer above So what else could I do but make an overly cheesy macaroni dish? This recipe is based on Alton Brown’s macaroni and cheese gift from the gods, with my additions below. I have made it in its original form before and it was magic in your mouth. Making things like this on a semi regular basis are what led me to gaining weight and needing to hit the gym hard core. Speaking of which, I am making fattening food and not at the gym right now because the sky is on and off opening up. That does not make for a potentially relaxing yoga experience. The bad day at work will just be chalked up to a terrible experience that we’ll forget about with each bite of cheesy goodness. Let’s get on with this macaroni show, shall we? (Isn’t my recipe holding method great? When I re-do the kitchen I am going to integrate some sort of recipe holding device). Lots Of Cheese & Some Elbow Noodles Ingredients 1/2 pound elbow macaroni 3...

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The Supply & Demand Model of Girl Scout Cookies

Subtitle: “JUST GIVE THEM TO ME.” It’s that time of year again! That’s right, in front of every grocery store and Wal-mart is a table set up with Girl Scouts peddling their delicious cookies that they keep America coming back for annually. You also may experience the phenomenon of the co-worker sending an order form around the office to sell more boxes of cookies for their daughter. Either way, most of us can’t help but reminisce about last year’s box of cookies and the last bite that was taken before they were not to be seen again until the fat resurfaced on your thighs, belly or ass. This weekend as I was out at gallivanting around town, I was talking about the fact that I was mad at myself for forgetting to buy Girl Scout cookies last time I saw them in front of the Bi-Lo. The friend I was lamenting to made a brilliant insight about those cute little marketing geniuses in disguise. She said, “You know, Girl Scout cookies aren’t even THAT good. They are just only around one month a year, so we think they’re amazing but really, you can get better cookies inside the store for a lot cheaper.” (Photo credit: Orange County Register) On the way into the store, I asked one of the little Girl Scouts how much a box was, and she...

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ABCs of Me

Yes, I am going to indulge in a meme. But first, will someone tell me how to pronounce the word “meme?” Age: 25, but 26 in May Bed size: Full but I think I want a queen when our renter moves out and I can take my computer desk out of my room. Chore you dislike: Mopping. It’s only worse because I have to sweep up all of the dog hair tumbleweeds first, THEN mop. Dogs: Radar Love, and the renter’s dog is Woody. Woody and Radar are BFFs. Essential start to your day: Why is this even a question? COFFEE. Favorite color: hot pink, also aqua. Gold or silver: Silver Height: 5’7″ but I always wanted to end up being around 5’10”. Good thing for heels! Instruments you play(ed): Desk drumming is about as good as it gets for me. I tried to play the acoustic guitar in middle school, but it has a better home now with a friend who actually plays and enjoys it! Job title: Office & Member Services Coordinator. Kids: Never. I just don’t feel that maternal draw towards then and regard them as disturbances. Sometimes they are ok when they are around that age before they can really walk well, as long as I can give them back shortly thereafter. I’ve never changed a diaper and don’t ever plan to. Live: Columbia, South...

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