Summer Squash and Potato Spiral Tian

May 19, 2015

You know those recipes you see on Pinterest and think, “Ugh who are these jerks making these things?” After seeing such a recipe of a spiralized tian I finally decided to give it a go to get rid of a bunch of yellow squash before my next Pinckney’s Produce CSA box for the box arrived. […]

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Ingredient Reduction Challenge Results

April 25, 2015

Remember the ingredient reduction challenge I issued for myself a little less than two weeks ago? I’ve finally finished using up the original four items, which were Stubb’s barbecue sauce, bread crumbs, pumpkin soup and one ingredient I totally forgot to mention in the first post- the contents of the bag, canahua. Canahua (pronounced and […]

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Cooking with Benford Brewing’s Southern Tater Ale

April 14, 2015

Let’s discuss a very unlikely place to want to discuss: Lancaster, South Carolina. It’s a place that kind of marks halfway from Columbia to Charlotte for me when I’m on I-77. And that’s about as far as my thinking on Lancaster went until I discovered Benford Brewing by way of a road trip up there […]

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Ingredient Reduction Challenge

April 13, 2015

When the cost of living goes up but the income stays the same, it’s harder to save a dollar than it ever was before. So in these turbulent times, I decided to embark on a little self-challenge to use up some random ingredients from the pantry to make up meals rather than starting from scratch […]

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Cayce Festival of the Arts

April 12, 2015

The inaugural Cayce Festival of the Arts went down this weekend at the Guignard Brickworks. What is that? It’s the site where many of the bricks used in South Carolina buildings from the early 1800s through the early part of the 20th century. I explored it a few years ago after wondering what they were […]

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Adult Milkshakes? YES. Kaminsky’s Opens in Columbia

April 3, 2015

A few months ago I was eavesdropping at the local watering hole and heard people talking about a new restaurant opening in the former Nonnah’s space on Gervais Street, so naturally, I made my way into the conversation and reported it. Now, several months since, Kaminsky’s (an export from Charleston, and part of the same […]

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From Easter Eggs to Deviled Eggs to Various Salads…

March 30, 2015

I’m really losing some Southern points here today because I’m going to admit some things. One, I had no idea when Easter was until a cousin told me in a text message conversation. Two, I suck at making deviled eggs. But I feel like I can redeem myself because I did make really pretty Easter […]

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Potato Chip Dusted Frosted Brownies

March 24, 2015

There something about traveling that just hits the spot when life begins to feel like a repetitive cycle of work, sleep, repeat. Traveling forces a breaking of the routine and keeps the mind engaged in not getting lost going somewhere less or totally unfamiliar, about finding where your next meal will come from, and making […]

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My Slow Cooker Vegetable Soup

March 4, 2015

Sometimes what food writers don’t tell you is that their favorite recipes are the hardest ones to post. It’s not because it’s to protect a sekrit family recipe, or to save it for a future restaurant or cookbook publishing. It isn’t even because the recipe is so near and dear that the thought of having […]

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King Cake Alternatives

February 16, 2015

The past two years I’ve brought king cakes to my offices, which in turn made people like me more and question my heritage. While I’m always welcoming of people liking me more, I just have to put it out there that I’m not from Louisiana, nor is anyone in my family. The king cake tradition […]

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