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Curing Cabin Fever With A Day Trip

I am loving my time off from work, but with the Christmas holidays plus an incredibly windy day on the 26th I’ve been sticking around the homestead far too much. So I woke up (alarm clock free, ahhh) and hit the road for a day of shopping, eating and walking in sunny Charleston. Usually my preferred parking garage of choice in Charleston is behind the BB&T building at the corner of Meeting and Holbeck Alley but today I decided to park in the Charleston Place Hotel garage, Patrick’s favorite one. I’m glad I did because the view of this horse fountain is majestic, and most importantly, doesn’t smell like real horses. From there I walked, using my Urbanspoon app to try and find somewhere to eat. I ended up heading towards the Battery first and down to the waterfront to see the ocean one last time this year. From there I decided I wasn’t that hungry and made my way through the crowded, uneven brick sidewalks towards the market and then back up to King Street. Originally, I was heading to Basil and shopping along the way, but stopping in too many shops made me hungry faster. And with the crowds it was turning more into a hangry feeling. I walked past a place on King called Tasty Thai & Sushi and whipped back and immediately decided to go...

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Instagram Profiles- Well, What Do You Think?

So apparently Instagram profiles are available now. Why did they do this? Well, if you remember, Facebook bought Instagram which made the app creators insta-rich. Now it’s jumping from the phone and onto the web for “a simple way to share your photos with more people and to make it easier to discover new users on the web,” according to the Instagram blog. What does this mean for Instagram, and its legion of loyal users? Well, here’s Mashable’s take on it, which makes it seem like a move that could potentially destroy the things that users love about the app. Only time will tell what the Facebook crew will do with it, and how people will respond (though I can imagine the angry “DON’T CHANGE IT RARRRGHGHG” starting up shortly after any small tweak is implemented, much like people do with Facebook) but I can only hope that they see it as good just like it is. In the meantime, follow me as I eat my way around Columbia and photograph my dogs a lot. How do you feel about the new Instagram profiles?...

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Winners, Winners Not-Chick’n Dinners!

Congrats to the two winners in the Edward & Sons Bouillon Cube Package Giveaway! Laurie, who said, “I will use the not chicken in a rice dish and the not meat in an asian soup recipe.” Jenna Z, who said, “I’d use this to flavor brown rice, barley and quinoa during cooking. I’d also probably make a mean pot of minestrone!” Both excellent and delicious ideas that I’ll definitely be doing too! Ladies, I’ll email ya’ll for your contact info. Thanks for playing, everyone, it was right exciting to get so many comments on one post! Special thanks to Edward & Sons for providing the goods! Please check out their company profile for more information on them and their great products. They’ve got foods and products that cater to people with allergen or dietary restrictions that I’ve never even considered, so if you have or know someone with these issues, you can feel good referring them to Edward & Sons. Disclosure: I contacted Edward & Sons for samples for this giveaway and they generously obliged and pimped me out on their website and Twitter. I was not paid for this review but did receive free samples for my own...

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Glassing Around

Have you ever thought about ordering glasses online? I am getting to where I’ve had mine for almost three years and I love them, but sometimes I wish I had an extra backup pair just in case something happens to these. It took me four trips to the eye doctor to finally pick out my current ones, and I even made my husband come one of those times! I’ve had eyeglasses since I was two years old, and have been through many terrible glasses. I used to get purple frames and then get the glass tinted purple! It was truly atrocious, and I can’t believe my parents let me look like that for so long. I think that’s why I am so paranoid now about picking out the right frames that will perfectly accentuate my facial structure and features. My eyeglasses prescription has started to stabilize so I haven’t had to get anything done to my glasses in two years but I feel like they are going to change when I go in February 2012. Besides that, this glass has been through it, and needs to be replaced either way! The downside of that is paying for new glasses. My coworkers and I got informed last week that to cut costs for the company, the amount that the company contributes to our health savings account will be cut in...

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