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My 2017 Resolutions, Intentions, Goals

Yes, everyone is tired of hearing about everyone’s else’s resolutions or intentions or goals for the clean slate of the beginning of January. But I want to write about mine just so I can come back to this and remind myself of why I set these at this point in time, because as we all know, so much can change in a 12 month span. My 2017 goals are: 1. Save $9k– I put about $8k towards debt elimination between the months of July and December. If I can do that in six months, it seems like it should be really easy to set aside 9k in 12 months. 2. Go to Portland again– I haven’t been since 2012!! I need to see Woody and Kellie and some different scenery. Maybe Patrick will come with me. We shall see, but when the iron strikes for cheap flights, I’m going for it! 3. Paint the beadboard part of the outside of the house– We’re coming up on eight years in this house and haven’t touched up anything on the exterior of the house except a new roof. Re-painting it will freshen up the place with minimal cost and medium effort.  4. Get a blue couch– I just really have always wanted a teal blue couch! It’s a color I love, and we have a dark wood paneled room that is...

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Holiday Treats for Sharing at the Office

December is a month that requires a lot of food to go other places, like kids’ classroom parties, potluck dinners with friends to celebrate the season, office parties, and little gift baskets for an array of people. And for those of us who have more time than money, homemade treats can be the best way to stretch dollars and impress people with your talents. After all, nothing is better than getting yearly requests to make the amazing (insert baked good of choice here) that you always make. These recipes, corralled on a special Pinterest board, are easily multiplied, transportable,...

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The End of August, Already

I don’t really have a whole lot to say today that’s focused on any one thing, but just wanted to comment on the first bits of autumnal crispness that’s creeping into the air. It’s not plain hot when I open the door to let the dogs out in the morning, it’s more of a pleasant tingle of chill. This year has really just whizzed by in an impossible blur. I was looking at our vacation pictures from our trip to Puerto Rico in May and can’t believe that was three whole months ago. If I close my eyes I can conjure up a perfect image of how I felt looking at those perfectly tropical azure waters. In addition to dreaming about my vacation I’ve also been keeping busy doing real things, including writing for the Good Life Blog, which showcases tons of fabulous reasons for shopping at and donating to our local Goodwill stores, which I have always loved to do even before joining the team! I’ll be rolling out posts over there periodically and will link back to them here, including my most recent one where I transformed an ugly plastic thing into a shiny bathroom accessory. Also make sure to read about everyone else’s finds and advice as well too!   What else is new? This coming weekend I’m heading up to Benford Brewing with the South...

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Greenville Small Plate Crawl

Ya’ll know I like to travel all over the state on day trips, especially in search of amazing food, but its hard to eat at a bunch of places in just one day without overdoing it. That’s why when my friend Nichole told me about the Greenville Small Plate Crawl I was very excited! With the Carolina Epicurean, they have teamed up to create this event that well, it works like this, on Monday, March 24 – Wednesday, March 26, 2014: Dozens of Greenville’s most exciting restaurants are participating in the first annual Greenville Small Plate Crawl.This is an interactive fun event designed to encourage locals and visitors alike to try new restaurants in Greenville. It’s also an opportunity for restaurants to show off their cuisine and Chef’s talent! During this delicious three day event customers will be rewarded for visiting as many restaurants as they can through raffle prizes. Crawlers print the Passport from the Small Plate Crawl Website at and bring it with them on the crawl. Participating restaurants are open during Lunch (11:30 am -3:00 pm), Dinner (5:00 pm – 9:00 pm), or All Day (11:30 pm – 9:00), as indicated on the Passport. Crawlers travel from restaurant to restaurant, purchasing plates over the three day event. Plates are priced from $3 to $8. If ANYONE in a group purchases a plate, EVERYONE in the...

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Kitchen Things I Use Regularly

There are a lot of different viewpoints of kitchen gadgets, tools, and doodads that range from ferocious hatred of single use tools to purposely making tons of items that seem like they have zero use, much less one legitimate one. I swing on both ends of the spectrum. On one hand, I have a terribly laid out kitchen with not a ton of room to store a bunch of junk, and on the other hand I could spend hours and plenty of cash in Charleston Cooks! or any gourmet cookware shop. That being said, there are some surprise gadgets that I never thought I’d love, along with others that I find myself reaching for frequently enough to earn them a spot within reaching distance in the kitchen. Just FYI, these links below are affiliate links with Amazon. 1. Funnel– because more often than not, liquids and small particles like coffee grounds need to go from a larger vessel to a smaller one. Without a funnel, its a lot easier to spill that liquid or small particles everywhere. I have one specifically made for wide mouth canning jars that gets used at least once or twice a week, especially when I am making vegetable stock or kombucha. 2. Beakers for tea and tablespoons– these were a serious runaway hit Christmas present for me. I adore these things because I hate...

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