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A Jaunt Up to IKEA, Plus A Stop at Crepe Cellar

When we renovated the kitchen earlier this year, we bought a ton of extra stuff for “just in case” because I figured it would be easier to return a bunch of stuff at once than need to run to IKEA in Charlotte on a Tuesday night from Columbia. So overbuy we did, and we ended up taking a ton of stuff back. But for reasons I can no longer remember I ended up with about $900 in store credit, on top of the $1000 that I got back on my credit card. We had vague ideas of what we...

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Washington DC Girls Trip

In those ugh months of winter I saw an ad online where JetBlue was trying to entice people to click through with promises of $44 airfare. Feeling the urge for some sort of break, they lured me right in where I began perusing the places I could go for a fairly inexpensive airfare when CHS to DCA $80 caught my eye. Yes, a flight from Charleston to Washington, DC. And conveniently enough, a friend of mine lives up there, so I started a group Facebook chat with her and another friend. Within the hour, we had $80 tickets to head up there in mid May! It was nice to have that to look forward to as I stumbled through the remainder of the semester (how you think of life when you work at a university). The time sped up and soon Kara and I were in the car heading to the Charleston airport. Then we were on the Metro. Then we were there! Our trip began Friday, May 13 and we got back home on the 18th. This trip was mostly about two things: hanging out with Rae, and eating a lot. We accomplished both of those things, and balanced out the eating with plenty of walking. DC is not an easy city to get around in when you have a lot of places you want to go within...

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