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Oliver Bacon

In 2007, Patrick and I moved in together. That October, he took me over to his aunt and uncle’s house. They had a kitten that his cousin found in Norway (South Carolina, yes) and I had no idea that the plan was for this thing to come home with us. I had never had a cat, and we had recently, finally, gotten rid of the pair of annoying kittens our roommate had in the house. But we left their house that October night with this tiny thing and Patrick was only semi living in the house at the time,...

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Hanging Up A Brazilian Hammock Chair by Hammock Sky

For a few years now I’ve been wanting an egg chair or hammock chair to relax and swing in and this spring I went ahead and ordered the Hammock Sky large Brazilian hammock chair in hot colors, swivel hook, and swing hanger. Once everything arrived I realized that it didn’t come with a few extra items I’d need. I took the swing hanger to Lowe’s to see if they could help me figure out what would work best. I ended up getting two 5/16 x 5″construction lags ($1.83 each) (I already knew I’d be screwing into wood joists, this may...

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Goodwill Writing

The reason my posting here has waned considerably over the past year or so is because my writing elsewhere has been increasing. One of my favorite clients to write for is the Good Life Blog, which features ways to live well in a thrifting world. Since I haven’t been posting updates about it to this blog, I wanted to do a roundup of some of my favorite posts from there. You can see them all here. Cooking Up the Past   Getting Cozy with Goodwill Wear Those Jeans to Yoga Class Cute Tiny Appliances & Little Dipper Sized Hot Corn Dip Getting Classy with Your Beer Glasses While you’re there make sure to check out the other talented writers that are also featured on the Good...

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My 2017 Resolutions, Intentions, Goals

Yes, everyone is tired of hearing about everyone’s else’s resolutions or intentions or goals for the clean slate of the beginning of January. But I want to write about mine just so I can come back to this and remind myself of why I set these at this point in time, because as we all know, so much can change in a 12 month span. My 2017 goals are: 1. Save $9k– I put about $8k towards debt elimination between the months of July and December. If I can do that in six months, it seems like it should be really easy to set aside 9k in 12 months. 2. Go to Portland again– I haven’t been since 2012!! I need to see Woody and Kellie and some different scenery. Maybe Patrick will come with me. We shall see, but when the iron strikes for cheap flights, I’m going for it! 3. Paint the beadboard part of the outside of the house– We’re coming up on eight years in this house and haven’t touched up anything on the exterior of the house except a new roof. Re-painting it will freshen up the place with minimal cost and medium effort.  4. Get a blue couch– I just really have always wanted a teal blue couch! It’s a color I love, and we have a dark wood paneled room that is...

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Looking Back at 2016

I love looking back at these reflective surveys each each and seeing what I was thinking, feeling, and experiencing at the time. Some things never change, and some things do, radically. Here are ones from New Year’s Eve 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011. 1. What did you do in 2016 that you’d never done before? I got a really good job that pays well that I really enjoy and was able to put some of that extra income to good use knocking down about $7000 of debt from the kitchen remodel in six months. Also, I went ziplining (twice). 2. Did you keep...

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