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Arepazo Latin Food in Cayce

It was a warm spring day in the month April when I was walking back from the spin studio that I had been going to since January. As I passed by the store that advertises Dungeons & Dragons game nights, I turned to look in the windows of the next building, and a sign was in the window. An arepas restaurant was opening… soon, it said! In a fit of excitement I misspelled on this Snapchat I took of the building. Months passed, no arepas. It got a bit warm for me to do any extreme forms of cardio,...

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Saffron: Authentic Indian Restaurant with Mexican and Chinese Options

Yes, it’s a real thing. It’s the whole name of this new restaurant located in a non-descript building that also houses a tire store on 378 in West Columbia. I saw the sign from the road the other day and within the week dragged Patrick there with me, all because of the hilariously long name. We stopped by on a Sunday evening when it was very quiet in there — in fact, we were the only patrons at the time. One of the many questions I had about the place was if the cuisines were separate or if this was some sort of fusion. The answer is (thankfully) separate! The menu is mostly Indian, with a section of Chinese that is mostly appetizers and noodles, and a slightly larger Mexican section that includes appetizers, burritos, tacos, quesadillas, chimichangas and the like. Their Facebook page has photos of all of the menu options. Another question I had was simply, why? Why all of those things together. The owner, whose name I forgot to ask for because I was super hungry, was also our server so I was able to get some insight. The answer is humorously simple: He has friends who are cooks that used to work in both Mexican and Chinese restaurants, and they wanted to work for him so… that’s why the menu is the way it is! We...

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South Carolina Brewers Guild Festival To Be Held in Cayce

I previously reported on the South Carolina Brewers Guild Festival in the Free Times, but I wanted to repost the article here as well so that more people may see the information. The South Carolina Brewers Guild — originally organized in 2005 by Jaime Tenny of COAST Brewing and more recently structured with an executive committee in 2014 — has been working quietly, promoting the craft beer industry and helping to modernize laws to remove some of the red tape from operating an alcohol-related business in the state. Meanwhile they’ve been dreaming of an event to celebrate how far beer culture in South Carolina has come while also remembering the past. Finally, they’ve decided that this is the perfect time to put on a beer festival that will bring together all South Carolina breweries, brewpubs, homebrewers, potential future brewery owners and, of course, craft beer enthusiasts. The inaugural festival will take place on May 21 at the Brick Works Park at 190 Knox Abbott Drive in the City of Cayce. “All South Carolina beers and all South Carolina breweries and brewpubs are invited, whether they are Guild members or not,” says SC Brewers Guild executive director Brook Bristow. In addition to being a celebration of craft beer in the state, says Bristow, the festival seemed like the perfect time to meet with legislators to say ‘thank you,’ present them...

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Pelican’s Snoballs

Under the spring blue sky, the Midlands has been getting a little bluer itself, from Pelican’s Snoballs massive expansion all over town. The original Columbia location is on Rosewood Drive and while that’s not far at all from home and work, it was still a detour to go there. But they are popping up all over the place now. The most important one (to me, at least) is at 442 Meeting Street in West Columbia, a road I traverse two to four times a day, depending if I go home for lunch or not. So when I saw a sign...

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May You Get to Have Some Fun This Month – Columbia’s Food and Drink Events Calendar

Wait, what? May? This year has just flown by, I can’t even understand how. I’m pretty sure it was just the other week that we were huddled under blankets, shivering away the snow days that kept most of us home long enough for the stir craze to set in. But here we finally are, waking up to 60+ degree mornings and leaving the jacket at home (or in the office for the perpetual AC blast), and it’s glorious. Go enjoy some or all of these fine food and drink events coming up around the Columbia metropolitan area this month! May 1 – First Thursday on Main is perfect this time of year (rain pending, of course!), free, 6-10 p.m. May 2 – Arts & Draughts is happening once again at the Art Museum, featuring Goose Island beer, tours through the Meiji Magic exhibit, and more. $8 for non-members, 7-11 p.m. May 3 – The Rosewood Crawfish Festival is the place to put mudbugs in your mouth this weekend and enjoy the 90s sounds of Everclear. Everything will be Wonderful.  $9 advance/$12 gate, 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. May 4 – The Big Nosh is a great way to learn about the amazing world of Jewish food. Not to be stereotypical, but these folks won’t let you leave hungry. Free admission, $ for food, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. May 5...

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