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Yes, You Can Draw On Them

Next month will be two years since we bought our house. I can’t believe how time flies! In honor of my favorite piece of architecture ever, I thought I would feature different parts of it in the upcoming month. To start with is the most fun area in the house: the chalkboard foyer/hallway. The evolution of this room began with this charmingly dark and ugly wallpaper that we lovingly tore down within a month of having the keys to the house: Husband and I tossed around some ideas as to what to do with this weird space that was visible from every single room in the house. I wanted to paint parts of it with magnetic paint and cut magnetic sheets out to make frames for pictures instead of poking a bunch of holes in the wall with nails or tacks. Husband was researching the magnetic paint and found unfavorable reviews, that it was too weak to hold anything up unless you had very strong rare earth magnets. He did find chalkboard paint and had a grand idea to make the entire hallway a chalkboard, where he could have professors from his department at work come and do math and science doodles over beers. I agreed, and he bought a test can of paint online. The paint arrived and it was just a tiny little pint that had cost...

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It’s About Time This Happened

(Photo credit: As I semi-planned last month, I went ahead and got myself a brand new pair of shoes! I haven’t bought new running shoes since 2005, and the only reason I know the exact year is because the guy I was dating at the time convinced me that I should get the green highlighted shoes instead of the pink ones. He’s obviously out of the picture (terrible taste in color choices were the reason, just kidding), the green shoes are starting to be uncomfortable to run in, as the cushioning is pretty flat, and these babies should be in my hands by the middle of next week if not earlier. I am so excited. These babies, along with the vegan ice cream I am going to start experimenting with this week should put me well on the road to rocking a hot, fit lake...

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X Marks the Superstituous Spot

This morning on my drive to work a white cat ran across the street in front of my car about 100 yards out. I am one of those people who instinctively makes an X on the windshield when a black or even a dark colored cat crosses my driving path. I was wondering if I should maybe make an O for the white cat, but then I got sidetracked thinking about superstitions, old wives tales, and just plain b.s. that we get told and still believe to this day. It may sound weird to some, but it was ingrained in me as a kid from somewhere to make an X for black cats crossing my path, and I don’t even know the origins of this gesture (To the Internet!). In the summer when my windshield fogs up from the rain, the evidence of my neuroses is the most evident. Maybe I need to clean the inside of my car more often. (Photo credit: Flickr) Other car related superstitions or traditions that were instilled in me was “holding the roof of the car up while crossing a (suspension) bridge so that it doesn’t fall on us!” was taught to me and my cousins by our grandmother. I don’t still do that, but sometimes I think about it, especially the rare occasions that I am near that same bridge near my...

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ABCs of Me

Yes, I am going to indulge in a meme. But first, will someone tell me how to pronounce the word “meme?” Age: 25, but 26 in May Bed size: Full but I think I want a queen when our renter moves out and I can take my computer desk out of my room. Chore you dislike: Mopping. It’s only worse because I have to sweep up all of the dog hair tumbleweeds first, THEN mop. Dogs: Radar Love, and the renter’s dog is Woody. Woody and Radar are BFFs. Essential start to your day: Why is this even a question? COFFEE. Favorite color: hot pink, also aqua. Gold or silver: Silver Height: 5’7″ but I always wanted to end up being around 5’10”. Good thing for heels! Instruments you play(ed): Desk drumming is about as good as it gets for me. I tried to play the acoustic guitar in middle school, but it has a better home now with a friend who actually plays and enjoys it! Job title: Office & Member Services Coordinator. Kids: Never. I just don’t feel that maternal draw towards then and regard them as disturbances. Sometimes they are ok when they are around that age before they can really walk well, as long as I can give them back shortly thereafter. I’ve never changed a diaper and don’t ever plan to. Live: Columbia, South...

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Is A Hero For The Zero

My credit card balance is finally at zero again. Not that it was terribly high to begin with, it was actually around $425, but just to have it at nothing makes me feel excited, and like there are even more opportunities to save now. I am a casual credit card user. My limit is only $1000, I have never carried more than a $600 balance, and I’ve only paid interest fees once, when I forgot to make a monthly payment on the small balance I was carrying. What I would do is a cycle of putting a purchase on the card, say something I didn’t really NEED like clothing, and would casually toss $100 or so per paycheck at the balance. But in the meantime, I might put another purchase on the card, then toss a random $50 at it. So the balance was only really wavering by a few dollars over the course of the month, and even though I wasn’t paying interest on it, I wasn’t doing myself any favors that way. It felt like flushing money down the toilet because I would justify the purchase by thinking that, “Oh, I’ll just pay for this later!” That’s exactly the mindset the credit card companies want people to get into, and they want us to get into it much deeper than I did. The more you put on...

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