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Radar Update

I just realized that after writing the post about the reality of owning pets that I hadn’t updated with how Radar is doing! But in a phrase, back to normal. In mid-July we took her to have a suspicious lump cut off of her right front arm, and as of that time we didn’t know what it was. But we did a week later, and though it turns out it was cancerous – soft tissue sarcoma – to be precise, the prognosis seems good. We had decided to remove the lump and just watch closely to see if any...

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The Reality of Owning Pets

This isn’t a food related topic but it’s one that I think a lot of people can empathize with: pets. I’ve always, always had at least one pet in the home for my entire life, fish totally not included. There was always at least one dog around as a kid. Often there were multiple dogs because I started early in life with finding dogs on the street and crying until I got to keep them (this is what you call foreshadowing). When I moved out at the age of 20, I took our ferret Barrett to live with me and two roommates. After the apartment, I moved in with Patrick and his friend who had two dogs, who I immediately took to. We hung out a lot, those dogs and I. And within eight months of living together, we got a kitten. That was all Patrick’s idea, as I had never had a cat, and didn’t have much experience with them. But we brought this orange runt home from where he was abandoned outside of a gun shop in rural Orangeburg county and started the process of creating our family. We moved out of that house and into another one right before I graduated college. And after graduation, about 10 days after, I took myself on a Sunday afternoon excursion to get myself a little graduation present. I didn’t even...

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Summertime Has Arrived

The mercury is up there and people are posting photos of their wildly inaccurate in-vehicle thermometers like we don’t know it’s toasty outside. For the record, some people are posting that its 109F and no, they are wrong. Though I love the warm weather, I’ve been staying in for the most part this weekend, mostly because that’s where the things I wanted to do were occurring. It’s been a relaxing two days, with little in the way of obligations, leaving plenty of time for hanging out – exactly what I wanted.   Radar got a Coolaroo dog hammock on...

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How Do You Know When You’re Adulting?

I recently turned 31, and cliched though it may seem, I still feel like I am either college age or close to it, not eight years past commencement. But then there are other times when I really like I am #adulting so hard, like this past week when I went to open my very own IRA and was talking about all sorts of investment stuff with this guy and nodding along because I actually understood about 70% of what he was saying. The other 30% of the time I was thinking to myself how glad I was that he was going to have to deal with getting my accrued money from my former employer’s retirement system, sucka! If you read personal finance blogs or have ever read one of those Dave Ramsey books, you know that multiple income streams is the optimal way to gain more money over the course of your life, right? It makes perfect sense because if one thing fails, there’s a backup. I’m thinking of this IRA as another (very, very far in the future) income stream. It’ll be hanging out, doing some stock stuff (riskier), doing some bond stuff (not as risky), and hopefully churning upwards so that I’ll have it for later. And in the meantime, my finance guy was telling me, the initial amount I am putting in can be a little...

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Kindle vs. Book

For a long time I resisted e-readers and felt somewhat smug in my decision to do so. In 2013 I did use my husband’s Kindle to devour all seven Harry Potter books over several weeks prior to a trip to Orlando that of course included Harry Potter World. The ease of transitioning from one book to the next while I was outside reading during my lunch break made me see some of the benefit to the e-reader. Then last year on our trip to Puerto Rico, I wished I had a slim e-reader like he did, rather than the four books I packed, only two of which I ended up reading. As I have been exploring a greater variety of books thanks to my book club, I have a growing GoodReads list where I add things that I see suggested on blogs, that other book club ladies suggest, the books we plan to read, and my favorite, ones from the Recommended feature (add me if you want- I read a lot of fiction and feminist narrative!). But I found that most of these books were unavailable in hard copy through my local library. So in the fall, I asked Patrick to keep an eye out on Kindle sales for me, as I decided I wanted a Paperwhite just like his — mostly for ease of IT support on it. Currently...

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