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Slam Jam Awesome Weekend In Cola

Don’t even act like there isn’t anything to do in Columbia this weekend. There are so many things to do that I bet I won’t even get a quarter of them on this list. You like puppies? Flowers? Food? Drinks? Crafts that don’t suck? Puppies again? Organs? I mean organs like celebrating the gift of life, not organs as instruments. I bet there’s a celebration of those too around town if you look hard enough though! Update: Take your umbrellas and check ahead of time to make sure these events haven’t been postponed or canceled due to the severe weather forecast for the area. Plants, plants, plants! SC State Farmer’s Market Spring Plant & Flower Festival– Thursday-Sunday in Lexington County off of 321 Cayce Plant Exchange– Saturday 10 am at Cayce City Hall Canceled due to severe weather   Crafts! And a Bike Valet! Crafty Feast at Indie Grits– 11 am – 6 pm at Main & College Streets downtown Food! Sweet Glorious Food All Local Farmers’ Market– Saturday 8-12 every Saturday I am sure there’ll be food at Indie Grits too, at least there’ll be grits, right? Judy’s at the Market restaurant will be serving up some fresh, healthy, local food as well.   Dogs, Puppies, Dogs in Bandanas Sails & Tails– 12 – 4 pm at the South Shore Marina in Leesville Pets Inc. Easter B’egg– 10...

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Beer Cheese Risotto. Yes ma’am.

One of my favorite things about being in the at least intermediate cooking category is that I feel confident and capable of coming up with my own recipes on occasion. Thinking about flavor combinations that would go well together, or re-interpreting a recipe to fit my tastes more is just exciting. What’s even more exciting is executing the recipe and having it taste even better than you anticipated. Having other people excited to taste the results is what makes me love cooking. Sharing food = gaining love. The idea for beer cheese risotto came about when I was looking through Moosewood’s Simple Suppers the other week and I bookmarked a recipe called Rarebit Risotto. It is basically beer cheese risotto, but with broccoli and tomato bits in a sea of cheesy beer rice. It didn’t appeal. I thought about how I could modify it based on my well-loved beer cheese soup recipe that will bring anyone that I’ve ever lived with come running for a bowl of it hot off of the stove. I wrote, tested, tweaked, and have no more left of the recipe. I made it approximately 24 hours ago. This recipe is a bi-winner. It wins over here and then it wins OVER THERE! TIGER BLOOD! This recipe is man approved. Ready for it yet? Ok, here’s the breakdown: Veggie Packed Beer Cheese Risotto 1 quart...

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Has anyone ever made a bad recipe when it comes from Smitten Kitchen? I found these homemade Oreos on another blogger’s site (who I forgot who since I had a lot of tabs open on my browser on the job) that had made the recipe from SK, and I immediately printed it out to try at home. I already had all of the ingredients on hand, and cranked these things out in 30 minutes. Mmm yes. The recipe makes 24 cookies, which become 12 cookie sandwiches. They are pretty rich, so you won’t be eating them all at once, trust me. If you do eat them all at once, then sorry that you suck,  but come here and I’ll check your blood sugar. I took most of these cookies out with me last night to foist upon my friends in exchange for adulation. My chef-ego was pleased, my friends were pleased, and this recipe will please you as well. If you have 30 minutes, and also are the kind of person who keeps shortening and confectioner’s sugar on hand, you are the type of person who should make these cookies immediately. Think of these as health food since one will be more than enough to satisfy your chocolate cravings. You’re welcome for the justification, now get in the...

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The Easiest Vegetable Stock Ever

It feels like I need to write this grand amazing start to my post on vegetable stock, but I am coming up at a great loss. Making one’s own vegetable stock… it will change your life. Not true, but it will reduce your trash output, save you money, give you nutrients, and make your other food taste better. The only thing it won’t do is your laundry or sexual favors. The start to a great vegetable stock is great scraps. The only vegetables I don’t recommend using are starches like potatoes; acidic foods like tomatoes, or ones that stain things pink such as beets or red onions. Maybe not asparagus either, it might make the stock smell strong. The most often used vegetables in my stock are: onion peels and tops, bell pepper ribs, carrot ends and peelings, celery bits, corn cobs (uncooked), eggplant, squash, zucchini bits, garlic skins and errant pieces, and stems from any savory fresh herbs. My collection method is to keep a gallon sized freezer bag in the freezer and fill it as I go. If I have a large amount of scraps from say, vegetable soup or fried rice night, I’ll pull the whole bag out and dump in the scraps. Other times I use the Rachel Ray method and employ a scrap bowl dedicated to vegetable peelings and hunks. Then those get put...

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Thirsty Fellow Review – Quenches Your Appetite Too!

Oh Thirsty Fellow, you would have been a welcome addition to my life as an commuting undergrad journalism student who would have been much less stressed with beer close(r) at hand. Situated behind the Coliseum and associated parking lots, to the side of the Colonial Life Arena, and as the closest bar to the Carolina Stadium, the Thirsty Fellow is in an ideal location to cater to sports fans and beer lovers of all flavors. Husband and I went to eat there for the first time last night, which was the NCAA basketball championship game. It was adequately filled with groups of men, then there was us and the friends we met up with that evening. Despite the basketball fans, we got a seat on their large porch with no trouble at all. Husband ordered a pitcher of Skull Coast macadamia nut flavored beer, which he said I would probably like because it didn’t taste very beer-y. To his credit, it did not in fact taste beer-y, but the macadamia nut flavor hit you once you swallowed each sip. It reminded me of how hazelnut coffee tastes. All in all, not a bad beer, but I couldn’t finish my pint. Luckily we got our appetizer relatively quickly- Gorgonzola covered chips. Ohhh these were delicious. The chips were crispy, the kitchen was generous with the Gorgonzola chunks, and the Gorgonzola...

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