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Slam Jam Awesome Weekend In Cola

Don’t even act like there isn’t anything to do in Columbia this weekend. There are so many things to do that I bet I won’t even get a quarter of them on this list. You like puppies? Flowers? Food? Drinks? Crafts that don’t suck? Puppies again? Organs? I mean organs like celebrating the gift of life, not organs as instruments. I bet there’s a celebration of those too around town if you look hard enough though! Update: Take your umbrellas and check ahead of time to make sure these events haven’t been postponed or canceled due to the severe weather forecast for the area. Plants, plants, plants! SC State Farmer’s Market Spring Plant & Flower Festival– Thursday-Sunday in Lexington County off of 321 Cayce Plant Exchange– Saturday 10 am at Cayce City Hall Canceled due to severe weather   Crafts! And a Bike Valet! Crafty Feast at Indie Grits– 11 am – 6 pm at Main & College Streets downtown Food! Sweet Glorious Food All Local Farmers’ Market– Saturday 8-12 every Saturday I am sure there’ll be food at Indie Grits too, at least there’ll be grits, right? Judy’s at the Market restaurant will be serving up some fresh, healthy, local food as well.   Dogs, Puppies, Dogs in Bandanas Sails & Tails– 12 – 4 pm at the South Shore Marina in Leesville Pets Inc. Easter B’egg– 10...

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Urban Tour – Columbia 4/7/11

Last night was the a balmy respite from the cold snap that blew through the state last weekend, a perfect setting for Urban Tour 2011 on Main Street in downtown Columbia. First Thursdays are held on Main Street after working hours on the first Thursday of each month during nice, seasonable weather. These events are a way to bring people to the heart of downtown Columbia to see it in a way that just isn’t possible from a vehicle while trying to find a parking spot. It began right after work at 5:30, but I didn’t make it out there until a bit after 7, just in time to catch Columbia’s Alternacirque’s mini reprise performance of their Dreams show in the square in front of the art museum. As always, my favorite portions of their show include the fire performers, so I watched them with great interest and was glad to see them reappear after dark in front of Frame of Mind with some bad ass fire whips. I got a few dark photos of these flame flingers, and really wish I would have gotten some video. Video will never capture seeing their performance in person, so I highly recommend seeking out the circus to watch them in action. Everyone dramatically “OOOOOAHHHH!” and “AAAAH”ed whenever they whipped their fire whips with a loud defiant CRACK that momentarily silenced the...

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Thirsty Fellow Review – Quenches Your Appetite Too!

Oh Thirsty Fellow, you would have been a welcome addition to my life as an commuting undergrad journalism student who would have been much less stressed with beer close(r) at hand. Situated behind the Coliseum and associated parking lots, to the side of the Colonial Life Arena, and as the closest bar to the Carolina Stadium, the Thirsty Fellow is in an ideal location to cater to sports fans and beer lovers of all flavors. Husband and I went to eat there for the first time last night, which was the NCAA basketball championship game. It was adequately filled with groups of men, then there was us and the friends we met up with that evening. Despite the basketball fans, we got a seat on their large porch with no trouble at all. Husband ordered a pitcher of Skull Coast macadamia nut flavored beer, which he said I would probably like because it didn’t taste very beer-y. To his credit, it did not in fact taste beer-y, but the macadamia nut flavor hit you once you swallowed each sip. It reminded me of how hazelnut coffee tastes. All in all, not a bad beer, but I couldn’t finish my pint. Luckily we got our appetizer relatively quickly- Gorgonzola covered chips. Ohhh these were delicious. The chips were crispy, the kitchen was generous with the Gorgonzola chunks, and the Gorgonzola...

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Save Money, Do Awesome Stuff This Weekend

Awesome Free Things To Do This Weekend, Wherever You Are: You can see a blue moon while drinking a Blue Moon. Enjoy the amazing weather outside with a book/magazine/your laptop. Catch up on your sleep after the God awful time change. Then feel free to enjoy the sunnier evenings! I have to say, every morning this week was a real challenge. I can’t wait to really get acclimated to having sprung forward. Columbia Specific Free Awesome Things: St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Five Points. The drinking and music after wards is not free. Check out the Who Shot Rock & Roll exhibit at the Columbia Museum of Art (it’s free on...

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Work Eat Rinse Repeat

My weekend started out with a Carolina baseball game with coworkers and spouses/significant others. One particular coworker/friend and I decided that since we were JUST SO CLOSE to our favorite bar, we’d make an appearance. So we did. I saw this guy there that stood out from the crowd and he looked very familiar. I kept looking at him, and we made inadvertent eye contact a lot. I had a hunch on who it was, so once I got home I Googled and by God, I was right. It was the bassist from Crossfade! Awesome. Next time I will know and will have to go converse with him instead of just eyeballing him. Despite the alcohol, I got up Saturday and went to tend a store where I used to work during college. Thank God I could get this right across the street: Mmm. It came from Pizza Man on Rosewood. I love their current sign. I have never had Pizza Man, and it was great. Tons of cheese, good sauce, crust wasn’t too thick or too thin. Much better than the Papa John’s I used to order in. I took my computer there because it was predicted to be a slow sales day, which it kind of was. I did lots of Internetting in between my intermittent customers. I love working alone, and yesterday just cemented it. It...

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