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Animals, Outer Space & Boredom

Today was a day of highs and lows. It started out high, at about 2,500 feet in the air. I hinted yesterday that I was going to be flying today, which I was doing myself! Husband got me a Groupon for a Discovery Flight through Eagle Aviation at Columbia-Owens Downton Airport. This is actually loggable hours that can count towards the minimum of 40 hours of flight training needed to obtain a pilot’s license! I was in the air for 30 minutes, actually 100% in the pilot’s seat, with my instructor Mr. Rodriguez talking me through everything. On the ascent, the banking (turning) and descent I was honestly just holding the controls while he did all of the real work, but I did use the yoke to keep the plane level in the air. I also got to taxi in and out on the runway. It was the most exhilarating half hour ever. If I had a lot of money lying around, I would absolutely go for my pilot’s license. Maybe it can be a retirement (or housewife if I’m ever so lucky) dream. That was the high of the day. I got home a little after noon and realized that my day couldn’t get any better than it had already been, so I went with my mom on a quest for home accessories. I, realizing that I have...

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Thanks, Groupon!

The picture that was left as a cliff hanger yesterday was my old mattress set. It doesn’t take a lot of deductions skills to mean that there is a new mattress set in the (our) house! I complained about it, asked Facebook where to get a good mattress, an Internet-savvy friend posted the link to this Groupon deal of $30 for $125 off of a mattress set from Michaelis Mattress Company on St. Andrews Road in Columbia. I bought the Groupon Friday, went to the store mid-morning on Saturday, and was sleeping on that bad boy by 5 p.m. that very same day. The customer service was great. A salesman (can’t remember his name…) came up to help me, I told him right off the bat that I wanted a full mattress set, didn’t know anything else about mattresses, and that I had a Groupon. That ruled out any closeout models they had, so I sat on a pillow top one that had the words Organic Cotton all over. It was great. For comparison’s sake, I tried out one that was way too hard. He led me over to a Beautyrest brand, and upon seeing the price, I told him I didn’t even want to lay on it. He got the message, and we went back to Organic Cotton. I asked some questions about the guarantee, return policy, if...

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SC eCycles Day!

Some may say that South Carolina is backwards in many ways, but in many ways this fair state is doing what it can to advance a more ecologically sound agenda (the incredibly stupid and pointless Incandescent Light Bulb Freedom Act bill notwithstanding. Write your legislators about this). I am all for this and try to get involved as much as possible. This is why I am volunteering with Keep the Midlands Beautiful this Saturday, April 30th from 8 a.m. through 3 p.m. at the SC State Farmer’s Market to collect all of the e-waste that we can handle! This event has no associated costs, and very little in restrictions in regards to what or how much can be recycled. So spread the word and let everyone know that Saturday, April 30th is THE day! Take Friday night to order in some Chinese food and load the car up. The weather is going to be great Saturday, and I and many other great volunteers will be there, ready to take those old computers, TVs and more off of your hands!  There are also drop off points in the Upstate and in the Lowcountry of SC. Now is the chance to remove your spouse’s non working electronics from under the carport, once and for all! Oh wait, that’s just me that has that situation going on? That’s ok- it’ll be going,...

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Slam Jam Awesome Weekend In Cola

Don’t even act like there isn’t anything to do in Columbia this weekend. There are so many things to do that I bet I won’t even get a quarter of them on this list. You like puppies? Flowers? Food? Drinks? Crafts that don’t suck? Puppies again? Organs? I mean organs like celebrating the gift of life, not organs as instruments. I bet there’s a celebration of those too around town if you look hard enough though! Update: Take your umbrellas and check ahead of time to make sure these events haven’t been postponed or canceled due to the severe weather forecast for the area. Plants, plants, plants! SC State Farmer’s Market Spring Plant & Flower Festival– Thursday-Sunday in Lexington County off of 321 Cayce Plant Exchange– Saturday 10 am at Cayce City Hall Canceled due to severe weather   Crafts! And a Bike Valet! Crafty Feast at Indie Grits– 11 am – 6 pm at Main & College Streets downtown Food! Sweet Glorious Food All Local Farmers’ Market– Saturday 8-12 every Saturday I am sure there’ll be food at Indie Grits too, at least there’ll be grits, right? Judy’s at the Market restaurant will be serving up some fresh, healthy, local food as well.   Dogs, Puppies, Dogs in Bandanas Sails & Tails– 12 – 4 pm at the South Shore Marina in Leesville Pets Inc. Easter B’egg– 10...

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Urban Tour – Columbia 4/7/11

Last night was the a balmy respite from the cold snap that blew through the state last weekend, a perfect setting for Urban Tour 2011 on Main Street in downtown Columbia. First Thursdays are held on Main Street after working hours on the first Thursday of each month during nice, seasonable weather. These events are a way to bring people to the heart of downtown Columbia to see it in a way that just isn’t possible from a vehicle while trying to find a parking spot. It began right after work at 5:30, but I didn’t make it out there until a bit after 7, just in time to catch Columbia’s Alternacirque’s mini reprise performance of their Dreams show in the square in front of the art museum. As always, my favorite portions of their show include the fire performers, so I watched them with great interest and was glad to see them reappear after dark in front of Frame of Mind with some bad ass fire whips. I got a few dark photos of these flame flingers, and really wish I would have gotten some video. Video will never capture seeing their performance in person, so I highly recommend seeking out the circus to watch them in action. Everyone dramatically “OOOOOAHHHH!” and “AAAAH”ed whenever they whipped their fire whips with a loud defiant CRACK that momentarily silenced the...

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