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Adult Milkshakes? YES. Kaminsky’s Opens in Columbia

A few months ago I was eavesdropping at the local watering hole and heard people talking about a new restaurant opening in the former Nonnah’s space on Gervais Street, so naturally, I made my way into the conversation and reported it. Now, several months since, Kaminsky’s (an export from Charleston, and part of the same restaurant group as Pearlz) has opened and has brought with it BOOZY MILKSHAKES! There is a huge variety to choose from, and what’s listed below is only a third available. Any of their milkshakes can be made “adult” with a suggested liquor. But like with most  things in which one shouldn’t overindulge, there’s a disclaimer about it. Luckily this one isn’t dangerous. Poring over my decision while I waited for my friend Eva to join me, I narrowed my choice down to “something chocolatey” though the friendly bar staff recommended the Key Lime Pie and the Dreamsicle. There will be a next time. I ended up going with Smores, which features chocolate ice cream layered with chocolate sauce, chocolate chips, whipped cream, and topped with crushed graham crackers. It was ridiculously good. It’s also too easy to scarf down, which at $9 a pop and who knows how many calories, isn’t in anyone’s best interest. But one every so often as a treat? YES. Kaminsky’s just opened on March 31, so as of the...

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New in Columbia – Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom

Anyone that’s been within viewing distance of downtown Columbia has seen the familiar sight of the Adluh Flour Mill and its towering presence looming over the Vista. It’s actually one of the few buildings downtown that still operates in the true fashion of the original area, milling flour and corn. But the mill hasn’t used a huge chunk of its building that juts out towards Gervais Street and decided to rent it out to add to the bustle of the ever-growing downtown entertainment district. (Photo via) What’s settled within the once rarely-glimpsed confines of the mill is now Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom, a small-ish franchise out of Colorado. Being that the Blakes are people about town, we are friends with the mill (it’s true, they even follow me on Twitter!) and scored an invite to their VIP/soft opening this weekend. So off we went, and I prepared by only eating a small bowl of cereal for breakfast to save room for all the food, because in true food-obsessive fashion, I scoped out the full menu online ahead of time. For this though, they were only serving a limited menu, which was still pretty chocked full of options. I started off with a cocktail recommended by our server, the OC Tea, a tea-lemonade drink with a few different flavored vodkas, including vanilla. It tasted like a vanilla-tinged Arnold Palmer,...

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Soda City Suds Week

As I mentioned in one of my last posts, five friends and myself have formed a nonprofit to support and organize a week of publicly supported drinking craft beer education and appreciation events. But in all seriousness, as I reported in the Free Times last month, craft beer is giving South Carolina a serious economic boost, with no signs of stopping. And any respectable city has a craft beer week, and so now, shall the capital city. Soda City Suds Week will run from March 21-28 and as of now we have our bookend events in the works, with plans for all of the juicy weekday events in the hands of our crafty and brilliant local business owners who are the real highlight of and reason for this week. Cultivating appreciation for good beer makes them money, generates tax revenue, makes out state and area look more appealing to outsiders who may want to bring their talents to our sun drenched gloryland, and just plain makes everything better for everyone… and that’s not just the PR person in me for this project talking. I truly believe it, and that’s mostly because I have numbers to back it up, both from the SC Brewers Guild and my own bank account statements. We are in the middle of getting both sponsors and event hosts for Suds Week, and if you are...

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Summer is Here, Grab Some Pints of Beer!

There’s no doubt that cold beer and a hot summer go hand in hand just like that beer should go in your own hand on said hot summer day and no one knows that better that Columbia residents. Both of our local breweries, Conquest Brewing and River Rat Brewery, are ready with cold ones on the lighter side that are a perfect distraction from the rising mercury. Saturday, I met my beer buddy Shana at River Rat for their debut of its Twisted Lemon wheat, which delivers a tongue tingling burst of bright citrus on the tongue without being overly saccharine on its own. But for those who like a bit more of a sweet treat, they had Whole Foods create a batch of organic lemonade to mix with the wheat to create a shandy that goes down far too easily. Or, like owner Mike Tourville exclaimed, it was #yummytown. Adding the lemonade helps to take the ABV down a notch, which helps to make this an excellent session beer for sipping on the brewery’s porch or inside in the air conditioning. Around the corner, Conquest re-released its second barrel of Jeffeweizen, a hefeweizen riffing on the name of the brewer who created it. “My name fit too well not to do it,” Jeff says. So how does it taste? “It’s a German style wheat that is drier than...

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Friday Splurge

“Treat yo’ self!” is a familiar phrase to those who are Parks and Recreation fans, but the sentiment should be known to all; because sometimes you just need to treat yo’ self. Maybe you’ve had self doubt, or an insufferable argument or meeting, or perhaps you just had to drop a load of money on something lame like a new tire or toilet repair. In the name of treating myself today, I stopped by Cromer’s to pick up a bag of boiled peanuts and saw that they had glass bottles of Cheerwine. What could cheer you up better than a soda with happiness right there in the name? As you can see, I already started on my cheer in the car, because happiness can’t wait. Boiled peanuts are a favorite summer food of mine, but, they need to not be soggy and dripping, though you’ll find plenty of people who love them that way. I prefer red jumbo or Valencia peanuts to the new crop ones, which tend to be mushier and wetter since they are, as the name suggests a newer crop. My preferences on these slighty salty, brined Southern legumes started when I was a kid and my grandfather planted rows and rows of peanuts in his garden. When I was small they seemed endless. When I was older and had to help more with the picking...

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