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4 Reasons to Relocate to Columbia, SC

Anyone who has left their hometown has struggled with where their perfect new city might be. Should you go west to San Francisco? North to Boston? If you ask us, you should head south to Columbia, South Carolina. It’s a small Southern town with a lot to offer. The history Columbia is an old, historic town and its residents cherish its history. There’s no better example than the city’s Main Street. The area is currently undergoing a revitalization effort to preserve as much of its historic architecture as possible. Today, you’ll find trendy shops tucked away in 110-year-old buildings and modern...

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Let’s Spoon About Restaurant Week

It’s still a fairly fresh concept to have a restaurant week in the autumn since this will only be the second year of it, but they’re trying to get people’s attention. So this year they’re having local folks hide awesome hand painted spoons that will garner the finders a Restaurant Week gift certificate, plus you get to keep the cool spoon! I am one of the hiders for this spoon pictured below, and I hope you know the difference between Cayce and West Columbia, because I’m going to tuck it away in my favorite city. Follow my Twitter THIS...

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Tequila Week at Tin Lizzy’s

So who still does tequila shots? I don’t generally fall into that category anymore but I made an exception this week when I was invited to try out the tequila shots that Tin Lizzy’s is promoting this week in honor of National Tequila Day (which is today) but they are extending it out all week because why not? We also enjoyed dinner with our shots because we’re old now and can’t handle liquor on empty stomachs. This was also a nice chance to check out Tin Lizzy’s, which I haven’t been to since shortly after they opened. I guess...

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Cocktails at Crouch

Lawmakers usually do some really irritating stuff like not passing important laws, and holding up the passing of important ones But every so often some good stuff slips in and laws that benefit both consumers and business owners emerge, as was the case this past legislative session in South Carolina where three positive booze-related laws passed. This past weekend we went to test out one of the tastiest ones that allows distillers to sell cocktails at the distillery so that people can taste the product in a way that isn’t straight up. Phil and Jessica Crouch of Crouch Distilling...

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Negroni Week at Motor Supply

It’s already over but I still wanted to talk about Negroni Week, which happens every June and this year ran from the 5th-11th. Last week, a friend of mine posted about it on Facebook and I commented that I’d never had a Negroni. So i was invited to Motor Supply Company to have my first Negroni and see what it was all about. In addition to showcasing that particular style of drink, each bar that participates in the international week chooses a charity of their choice to donate to with each Negroni ordered. Motor Supply’s cause of choice is...

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