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Weekend Progress

Nothing results in a good night’s sleep for me than being the only human in the house. There isn’t anyone else using the bathroom, banging around, making the dogs cause a ruckus at the backdoor, just pure silence… until the phone rings. Luckily my mom has learned to leave me alone until 10 a.m. on the weekends unless it’s an emergency, especially if she has a favor to ask of me, as was the case this morning. I got up to her calling me right at 10:01 a.m., fought through a brief lack-of-caffeine induced headache, and headed to her house to help heft up a huge flat screen TV to a wall mount. I could never have one of those in my home, it just seems like something so heavy should be hanging like that! Agh. After that, I needed to get my muscles some protein and give my whole body the energy to tackle my to do list. The rest of this post is brought to you by my version of a green monster:   (flax seeds, spinach, frozen bananas, frozen strawberries, fresh blue berries, milk) I started out by prepping my areas for the impending paint attack. First, the biggest surface to paint got two coats of white primer. I am currently waiting for the brush to dry to put the coat of semi-gloss on, then the...

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The Two Week Push

When droves of kids start flowing back into classrooms, and school buses start clogging up the roads again, I start to feel like summer is Over with a capital O, even though I have no children or anything to do with school or education. It must just be a leftover intuitive feeling ingrained from years and years of school. College classes here start August 18th (aka one day before I head off to #HLS!) and for some reason last night, that gave me a kick in the pants to finish up my last little home improvement projects that I had planned to tackle this summer. This little marathon will include: sanding down and touching up the paint in the shower painting the closet door in the hallway touching up all of the trim as needed reorganizing a few kitchen cabinets after I cleared them out/moved stuff to the new kitchen cart I hope to get a lot done this weekend, and the husband will be out of the way and out welcoming a friend home from basic training. He can’t stand it when I paint things, I just don’t know why! So in the spirit of using other people’s judging eyes as motivation, I am going to keep an update going here, as well as have a big before/after post (and a big, cool drink) to celebrate getting myself...

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Hair, Hair Everwhere

Sometimes I think about shaving my head, husband’s head, getting electrolysis everywhere on both of us, trading the animals in for hairless versions, and getting a maid to come and remove every last piece of hair from our house. I swear it is everywhere, constantly. It never ceases. My hair is always getting caught in my fingers or tickling the back of my arms when a breeze blows. The dog and cat hair collects in tumbleweeds in corners and around chair legs. My poor couch and chair-and-a-half get used by these suckers below 99.99% of the time. The last person to sit on it was at Christmas two years ago and I guarantee husband’s parents’ backsides were plastered with a hairy covering once they got up (oops). Last weekend, in a fit of energy and determination, I tried to de-hair the hairest room of the house: the “formal” living room, aka the Purple Room around here. In my excitement to move furniture that hadn’t been moved an inch since it landed in this home two years ago, I started moving all (except that big cabinet in the background) of the furniture away from the walls. Then… I kept moving it, til things got switched around. I had been wanting to move this chair-and-a-half away from the window where it was a dog magnet. Radar would crawl up in it...

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Death to All House Flies

If there is one thing to hate about a South Carolina spring, summer and fall, it’s bugs. Flies, roaches, gnats, mosquitoes, horseflies, palmetto bugs, wasps, hornets, scary looking spiders, moths, no-see-ums and any other irritating buggy creature you could thing of. Towards the end of June and on through August we always get a ton of flies in our house. It was never as bad of a problem with the flies at our other house just a few blocks away, so I am not sure what about this house causes it to be a fly hell. They congregate mostly in the kitchen window, in the big picture window in the living room, and they’ll branch off to sources of light at night, most irritatingly the lamps in my bedroom. Husband has found it more than amusing to watch me rage at this creatures. My weapon of choice for getting rid of the common housefly?                   BISSELL PET HAIR ERASER! I suck the flies in (trash talking them the whole time, of course) and leave the vacuum sitting for a while til I know that they’ve died a miserable death in the chamber, then dump them outside in the trash bin. Every morning before work and every afternoon right when I get home, this is the first thing I do. Drop the...

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