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Hair, Hair Everwhere

Sometimes I think about shaving my head, husband’s head, getting electrolysis everywhere on both of us, trading the animals in for hairless versions, and getting a maid to come and remove every last piece of hair from our house. I swear it is everywhere, constantly. It never ceases. My hair is always getting caught in my fingers or tickling the back of my arms when a breeze blows. The dog and cat hair collects in tumbleweeds in corners and around chair legs. My poor couch and chair-and-a-half get used by these suckers below 99.99% of the time. The last person to sit on it was at Christmas two years ago and I guarantee husband’s parents’ backsides were plastered with a hairy covering once they got up (oops). Last weekend, in a fit of energy and determination, I tried to de-hair the hairest room of the house: the “formal” living room, aka the Purple Room around here. In my excitement to move furniture that hadn’t been moved an inch since it landed in this home two years ago, I started moving all (except that big cabinet in the background) of the furniture away from the walls. Then… I kept moving it, til things got switched around. I had been wanting to move this chair-and-a-half away from the window where it was a dog magnet. Radar would crawl up in it...

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Death to All House Flies

If there is one thing to hate about a South Carolina spring, summer and fall, it’s bugs. Flies, roaches, gnats, mosquitoes, horseflies, palmetto bugs, wasps, hornets, scary looking spiders, moths, no-see-ums and any other irritating buggy creature you could thing of. Towards the end of June and on through August we always get a ton of flies in our house. It was never as bad of a problem with the flies at our other house just a few blocks away, so I am not sure what about this house causes it to be a fly hell. They congregate mostly in the kitchen window, in the big picture window in the living room, and they’ll branch off to sources of light at night, most irritatingly the lamps in my bedroom. Husband has found it more than amusing to watch me rage at this creatures. My weapon of choice for getting rid of the common housefly?                   BISSELL PET HAIR ERASER! I suck the flies in (trash talking them the whole time, of course) and leave the vacuum sitting for a while til I know that they’ve died a miserable death in the chamber, then dump them outside in the trash bin. Every morning before work and every afternoon right when I get home, this is the first thing I do. Drop the...

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Inching Closer to Hall Nirvana

Remember my list for things to do to the hallway? I can cross two and a half off! And my goal of staying in and not spending money/painting this weekend? Paint the basket shelf silver. Hang up my lady vase from CB2, and steal flowers from outside of work. Sorry for the terrible cell phone pic.   And the half thing I did concerned attaching the vent cover, hanging loose as seen here: I didn’t have the correct size screw at the time, but needed to have it stay in place on the wall so that the cat wouldn’t venture down there. You wouldn’t think the little jerk would go down there, but when I originally painted the hall and removed the cover, I had to grab him by his tail to keep from from falling down there! Cats are freaks. So now there is about half of a 5″ long screw hanging out of the top hole in the vent, keeping it attached to the wall until I get something suitable. Hooray for the little things! Now I want to know: what weird places have your animals dared to...

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Frieda The Fridge

Ooooh! Ahhhhhhh! I bit the bullet over Memorial Day weekend and bought a new fridge, as I alluded to earlier. A few things that made me realize it was time: Husband had to throw out a couple of steaks that he had lost in there under all of the crap piled on top. The shelving system just wasn’t working for us. The energy savings would be worth it. We had no idea how old the former fridge was but it certainly wasn’t Energy Star certified. The tag says it only costs approximately $61 a year to operate. Major appliances have the deepest discounts starting Memorial Day weekend and going through the 4th of July due to new models coming out. This was the tipping point. Thanks Internet! Lowes was running an 18 month special financing deal. We clearly won’t need over a year to pay off a less than $900 purchase (the price I snagged, at least), but not having to rush and pay it in six months if we don’t want to is a nice option. Plus the delivery was free!   I do love the model fridge we got, and all of the new ways to arrange our food, though we are currently without use of the water/ice maker due to a mismatched part on the line, but that has more to do with the janky-rigging the...

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