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Ooh I Missed One

One, being a day in my NaBloPoMo challenge, which I successfully kept up with for a whopping nine days! But I missed yesterday, just a Saturday at that, because I was busy posting a new screen door on our house with my dad’s help. Actually, he did most of it, I was the screw and drill hander. This coming week I hope to post most if not all of my Portland recaps, but if I don’t, it’s because I have another deadline this week- the harder one to write! Also, I think I am going to treat myself and do another restaurant review because it’s been quite a while since the last...

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Wake Me Up When September Ends

Billie Armstrong is right about the month of September sucking and preferring to experience as little of it as possible, at least this year. This month hasn’t been the best for a lot of people, but somehow it’s still managed to freaking fly by. I realized the other day that my posts have become a bit straightforward food only type posts and while that’s great and all, the posts that sometimes are the most memorable are the ones that are more straight from the heart of the author. So this may end up a rambling post, or it may end up great, or even somewhere in between. 1. My job is great. When I say “I don’t wanna go to work today” these days I mean I don’t want to leave the house and do anything, not that I don’t want to go into my particular job. And that’s a nice feeling. Been here three months and loving it. 2. Uh, it’s now autumn and kind of cold. I don’t like it. Yes, below 70 degrees is cold. 3. I haven’t felt 100% inspired to write the past two weeks or so. And I need to get okay with that instead of trying to force it too much. I’ve had other writing lulls and have come out of them with a vengeance once I acknowledged it and rode it...

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Fall Bucket List

All great ideas are replicated, and so is this one! Christina did a fall bucket list and I thought it was a great idea to keep me motivated to have fun, keep myself focused on the enjoyment that fall can bring instead of the cold, dark misery that feels like it’s looming just round the bend. Plus, fall is a chance to quit sweating so much just from looking out the window! 1. Eat or preserve everything I get from my CSA share this season. Give away things I don’t like to people who do (raise ya hands for collards and radishes) Zero wasting. 2. Go to the State Fair for lunch! – Went 10/19/12 with two coworkers! Ate fried butter! 3. Take the computer to blog and drink a happy hour cider at World of Beer, again. 4. Get a pumpkin spice latte and Twitter about it. You know what people, the salted caramel mocha is the fall Starbucks winner. Drink THAT.  Done 9/24/12. Drank a PSL at my lunch bread and tweeted about it. 5. Tailgate at a USC game, which I have never done before, if you don’t count sitting outside of games selling t-shirts which I definitely don’t. I want to have a beer with thousands of other people wearing garnet. Then I will leave once the game is underway, because football is too hard...

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Challenges and Thoughts In The Bathroom

I had a thought in the bathroom today of the workplace that I’ll be leaving next week. No, just stay with me, I promise it won’t be gross but if you read this part I DO have a gross bathroom story if you’d like. Back to the bathroom. I walked in the stall, got comfortable, and thought about the bathroom at the new workplace that I’ll be settling into in a week and a few days. “How long will it take me to feel comfortable there? I hope it isn’t long.” Then another thought, about a quote I saw from Pinterest (whose precise one I don’t remember, someone want to dig one up for me?) about how being comfortable is being unchallenged, or something along those lines. It’s really true. The more comfortable you are in any given situation, the less risk you’re taking, and the less creative you have to be because there are little to no problems or challenges to solve and overcome. Being challenged is exhausting though, and it really does take up to a month to feel even moderately comfortable in a new job to where you’re in. Because I’m anticipating being overwhelmed I am trying to take this time before I start the new adventure to clean up my life so that there’s less to tend to during that transitional time. I am overwhelmed...

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Anniversary Gifts

You know those compressed little guides that come most famously in the back of Hallmark pocket sized calendars that list traditional and modern anniversary gifts for 1-50 years? Back in April 2010, when my and Patrick’s first anniversary of marriage was coming up (on May 16th) I let him know that I wanted us to follow the traditional or modern gifts as a fun way to give each other creative gifts that had some years-long traditions built in so that each year we could remember what we gave each other instead of it being totally random gifts! Our first year I got us a gift certificate for a couples massage (traditional- paper). That was probably the best massage of my life, and also a little weird. Confession: the massuese who was working on me was hot. And Patrick was right there next to me. And this guy was making my muscles feel awesome. And he was hot. Moving on though. Year two brought a day trip to Charleston and with that, the (once again) traditional gift, of cotton. Patrick bought me/us/me a Pawley’s Island style hammock! I LOVE that thing. At the close of this 3rd year together under the shackles of matrimony and the beginning of our 4th, we diverged and got presents for one another, but that can and will benefit the greater good of us both....

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