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Night Standing

The thing about having annoyingly specific tastes is that it takes a while to find what you’re looking for. The reward though, is that split second, gut-reaction feeling that comes when you know you’ve found it. After I found and refinished my dresser, a boring brown IKEA Malm was no longer cutting it, so I launched a concentrated mission to find a close as possible match of a nightstand. This below was not it. So I kept up on my search. One Sunday when I was trolling the Old Mill Antique Shop (one of my favorites, check it out sometime, on State Street) I stopped by the Plant Shop right next to it and was speaking with the gentleman behind the counter, asking for his advice on where to locate another item and he suggested that I check out ATOP #1 Antique Mall on Highway 1 between the flea market and I-20. As soon as I could I headed out there and at first was disappointed in this little room full of mismatched stuff until a woman sent me down a small, crowded hallway that let to the most glorious sight- an entire warehouse full of antiques and odd and ends of all sorts. After making if nearly three fourths of the way through the space with my eyes laser focused on the signature mid century modern legs, I...

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Insta Moments

In lieu of a real post since I’ve been noticeably light on them lately are some Instagrams from things I’ve been doing, or not doing. I’ve been buying some things… Eating things… Going places… And just sitting around… What have you been...

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A Mini Organizing Spree

You know how after you watch an episode of Hoarders you just feel this pressing urge to clean something, anything, immediately? I recently checked out The Tao of Martha by Jen Lancaster from the library and within the first chapter of her describing her path to organization nirvana, I suddenly had to stop. And organize. Something. Anything, in my own house. My mind wandered to a task that I’ve been needing to work on for quite a while, my shoe closet organization. If you’ve been reading for a while you might remember when I repainted it when I was reeling in the emotional aftermath of losing my grandfather. I literally woke up, made a cup of coffee, and started tearing into this closet project. And that’s how it remained until this past week. You see, I have devolved into wearing only one pair of black flip flops all summer that I bought at a sidewalk sale at Salty’s. Spongy Sanuks for $13? Yes, please! But I have a pretty substantial collection of shoes in my closet, mostly heels that I can’t wear to work anymore. I have a half mile hike from the parking lot to my office, and while I see some women making the trek in tall ones I just can’t bring myself to do it. But the problem is that I do wear some of these...

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My Mid Century Modern Gradient Dresser

When I picture something in my mind that I want, no substitute will do. That’s why when I decided that I wanted a new dresser earlier this spring, I measured the size that I would want and mentally pictured exactly how it would look, then started hitting my usual thrift stores in a a frequent rotation, hoping what was in my mind would materialize. Then one afternoon on a whim, I stopped in one that I usually never go to because the one time I did go it looked like a bunch of old hotel furniture- not the look I would ever have in mind. But I stopped and within fifty feet of the door I saw it. The price on the back said $175, an insane amount of a piece of thrift store furniture, nevermind one that had been through its share of insanity, like nail polish (or something) spilled all over the inside of most of the drawers. I was about to walk away then circled back to it. “Do you have a tape measure?” I asked the lady behind the counter. She produced one for me and the measurements were EXACTLY the ones I had in my head to fit the space I was looking to fit, 41″ high by 40″ wide. No way. Yes way. I took a photo then decided to walk a lap...

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(Some of) Our Garden As Seen Through A 50 mm Lens

Last year Patrick got me a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens for our anniversary (he claims it has crystal in it, I’m cool with that answer) and it has really helped me become more interested in upping my photography game. I’m still by no means super great at it, but it’s getting better I think. This past weekend I took it outside and personal with our little garden that we have growing in beds around the house. Purple mustard (tastes great baked like kale chips!!!) This sprouted out of the compost. I emailed a photo to a master gardener who says its Irish potato. We’ll see! This is another compost pile surprise! It appears to be broccoli! I’ve never seen broccoli as it grows so this is a fun sprout. Beets! I don’t know why we are growing these, I don’t like beets and Patrick won’t drink beet juice anymore. But the luscious red stalks are so pretty. In August I bought a lime tree from Seven Oaks Plant Shop and while I brought it inside and kept it alive through the winter I wasn’t entirely sure that it would ever produce limes. These little buds and flowers starting to grow from it are encouraging though! Any tips on lime tree growing? The basil plants after I harvested a bunch from them to make pesto. Those little...

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