Lawmakers usually do some really irritating stuff like not passing important laws, and holding up the passing of important ones But every so often some good stuff slips in and laws that benefit both consumers and business owners emerge, as was the case this past legislative session in South Carolina where three positive booze-related laws passed.

This past weekend we went to test out one of the tastiest ones that allows distillers to sell cocktails at the distillery so that people can taste the product in a way that isn’t straight up. Phil and Jessica Crouch of Crouch Distilling were among the first to hop on board the trend, offering two cocktails at the release of their seasonal peach brandy.

It was a blah rainy day when we rode over and the tasting room wasn’t very crowded at all so we got one of each- a Green Mule made with ginger beer and their sour mash whiskey, and a Peach Julep made with the peach brandy.

cocktails at crouch distilling

Both were awesome but in the end I was a fan of the julep, because peaches. The Green Mule would be best enjoyed by someone who likes sour mash whiskey, but the ginger beer does a good job at adding other complexities to the flavor so it isn’t overwhelming.

To better serve tasty cocktails to patrons and probably to do some other stuff, Crouch will be closed for the month of July and will re-open with more room and more spirits. Keep an eye on Facebook for their grand return.