For a few years now I’ve been wanting an egg chair or hammock chair to relax and swing in and this spring I went ahead and ordered the Hammock Sky large Brazilian hammock chair in hot colors, swivel hook, and swing hanger. Once everything arrived I realized that it didn’t come with a few extra items I’d need.

I took the swing hanger to Lowe’s to see if they could help me figure out what would work best. I ended up getting two 5/16 x 5″construction lags ($1.83 each) (I already knew I’d be screwing into wood joists, this may vary for your needs), a 4″ spring snap link (carabiner) rated for 280 lbs ($3.88), and 16″ of chain link rated for 1900 lbs ($18.76). You’ll want to measure from your ceiling to the floor and do some subtraction to see how long your length would need to be. For my 8′ ceilings, minus the length from the carabiners and swivel hooks and the hammock itself, plus floor clearance, 16″ was my length of choice, though you can see below I have it clipped a few links up the chain).

construction lags

The first task in hanging the swing since I was going to put it up in the plaster ceiling was to locate the joists with a deep scan stud finder. I did get some help in this because I felt safer having the opinion of someone much more experienced in these sort of things. The stud finder worked perfectly though, and we pencil marked where I wanted it to hang, plus the direction the joist was running to aid in placing the second screw.

Once everything was marked, I used a drill bit that’s slightly smaller than the 5/16 lags to make a pilot hole. Then I switched to a 6 point star drill bit (this may be a specialty item, my Dewalt drill bit set had one included) and began screwing the lag in using the pilot hole. As it got about 3/4 of the way in my drill didn’t have enough torque to keep going so I manually twisted it, carefully to keep the screw from stripping, and got it all the way in except for the last turn. I then repeated the pilot hole and screwing in the lag process, giving the first screw a good final turn once the other lag was in.

Depending on your ceiling height and how high or low you want your swing to be will definitely depend on how you go about this next step. But I put the chain on the carabiner that came with the swing hanger and then used the instructions to attach the carabiner to the swing hanger on the ceiling. Pull downwards on the chain using your weight to make sure it doesn’t move at all.

hanging a hammock sky chair from the ceiling

Next, go to the hammock and clip the swivel hook to the top loop of the hammock. This will take some muscling or convincing someone else to do it for you. Take your second carabiner and clip it to the other end of the swivel hook.

hanging a hammock sky chair from the ceiling

Now you can take the hammock-swivel-carabiner combination and use the carabiner to clip the hammock to the chain and whatever level you’d like. Have a seat and again use your weight to gently rock back and forth to make sure it’s holding properly. Here’s what the whole set up looks like from ceiling to chair.

hanging a hammock sky chair from the ceiling

Assuming it stays in the ceiling, enjoy relaxing and gently swinging!

hanging a hammock sky chair from the ceiling

It’s incredibly comfortable and I’ve already fallen asleep in it rocking and woke up 45 minutes later still gently swaying so the swing hanger works amazingly. In fact, this is the second installation, the first one was done under our carport but I know with the summer heat that I would be wanting an indoor escape as well. Hopefully this tutorial helps someone else get their up faster than I got mine up!