As reported in the Free Times this week, the beloved Five Points institution El Burrito is rolling up soon due to the entire block its on being bought up by big Hollywood money. Its last day will be April 24.

el burrito exterior columbia sc

Known for inexpensive eats, quick eats, and tasty eats all at the same time, the burrito place is loved by college students, soccer parents, and nearby residents. I had never been, for no particular reason really, and neither had Patrick, so we rode down there to see what we had been and will be missing. The set up is smaller than it looks from the road. The porch was packed with families – we overheard a nostalgic mom telling her toddler that she had salads from there three times a week when he was in her belly – and the inside had a short but manageable line when we arrived.

el burrito columbia sc

Wanting to try it all, I went for a mean bean burrito and taco AND chips and salsa, while Patrick had the deluxe beef burrito. As we thoughtfully chewed and watched people trickle in to pay their respects, we both agreed that it was pretty good eatin’. El Burrito strikes a delicate balance between authentic Tex-Mex flavors and gringo tacos that are becoming increasingly popular in town as of late, but that’s a post for another day. Either way, we both got full bellies and fairly healthy meals for less than twenty bucks.

el burrito

For those who are extremely saddened by the loss, there are glimmers of hope in the words of owner Suzi Sheffield, via the Free Times: “The new owners appreciate that El Burrito will be missed and have offered us the right to release in the project once renovated. We are comforted by the fact that they share our same vision for the neighborhoods and will foster the strong sense of community and sustainability we have always tried to uphold.”

Hopefully that also includes some of the cool and random artiness around the property, like this sculptural and mural filled wall, and this random big Viking sewing machine thing along the fenceline.

el burrito art columbia sc


el burrito art columbia sc

So while it’s just speculation on my part, I feel certain that they’ll be back, if not in the same block, then somewhere close enough for anyone who gets a hankering to get a hold of some of that spinach queso.

el burrito spinach queso columbia sc

But in the meantime for those seeking something else to satisfy their Mexican whims, my favorite burrito in town is hidden away in Cayce at La Estrella.