Just in case anyone wants to deposit money into my account, I bank with Carolina Collegiate. Their main/only location that actually houses (useful) humans is on Rosewood Drive so a few months back when I was doing some bank related activities, I noticed a sign at the old Moe’s Grapevine advertising a Rooftop Pizza Pub was opening. Shortly thereafter, the Free Times reported more details on it. Then they opened in December and I finally made it there with friends right before everyone’s resolutions to eat healthier kicked in.

rooftop pizza pre opening columbia sc

Having never been to the Moe’s (yes, I know I know) I think the Italian restaurant ambiance was removed in favor of more of a pizza pub style feel, with big TVs mounted to the walls and a more open air atmosphere where people can enjoy their booze and pizza.

The menu consists of make-your-own pizzas in traditional (flat, round) style or their calling card, the Detriot style pizzas. They also have have a variety of signature pizzas to choose from for the indecisive, as they have a ton of toppings to choose from. So what is Detroit style pizza? A CASSEROLE! Well kind of, it’s not exactly like the dense Chicago style pizzas.

rooftop pizza columbia sc

But basically the crust is the base, and it’s soft and pillowy and delicious, and this is coming from someone who sees crust as a vehicle to get the toppings in my mouth. Then the cheese and toppings are perched atop the crust, and the sauce is splashed across the top. The cheese, oh the cheese. It melts and crusts into crisp brown edges around the perimeter of the pizza and provides a perfect contrast to the softness of the dough. I chose the 8×10″ pie and it was hard to not eat every square inch in one sitting. I saved an eighth of the pizza to bring home for Patrick to taste.

Is this authentic Detroit style pizza? I have no idea. I have never been to Detroit and would be fine to never go. But I absolutely will be back here for more of this pizza, and also in the warmer months to see if they do in fact, have rooftop dining. Their beer selection is very limited, but they did have Conquest’s IPA on tap. We all thoroughly enjoyed it, this is a fine addition to the Rosewood Pizza District.