Fashion is such a fascinating thing to me. I both love and hate it at the same time. I want to want fashion to be my top priority, but comfort always wins. It just does. If I am able to enjoy an event in flat shoes rather than suffering through a bit of it before leaving early in painful but chic heels, then there is no question which direction to go. But as I have gotten older and need to deal more with using my clothes to direct the level of authority that I need to be issued in the office, I have noticed two things happening simultaneously that are to benefit of the people like myself who need comfort to be the top priority when choosing clothes in the morning.

First, the level of formality in clothes that is expected by society is lowering. It’s happening slowly, but pushing forward faster by millennials and even Gen X, who are realizing that they can run top corporate companies just as easily in jeans as they can in suits. The only example we need: Zuckerberg.

Secondly, fashion companies are taking notice and offering items that can pass as business-casual clothes for people to wear to the office on “I don’t have a meeting days” that are both fashionably strong-minded and comfortable.

prana clothing campaign

Luckily I work in a business casual office that embraces the occasionally “jeans days” and a health-forward philosophy, so those who enroll in quarterly fitness challenges can wear tennis shoes all day, every day if they so choose. That kind of office is perfect for clothes made by prAna, a clothing company that focuses on stylish and sustainable clothes for active people, whom I recently partnered with to bring you this post.

Two of my favorite pieces are the Kara jean and the Stacia sweater, which are a good balance of business and sort of casual, and can be dressed up for desk sitting time, but also have a soft and flexible give to them when it’s time to take a morning walk around the building, under the falling leaves of a cool but sunny South Carolina November… 0r checking to make sure the tomatoes didn’t get too cold last night.

prana clothing campaign

For anyone interested in checking out their products, I have a 15% offer code that you can use at checkout, and it is BLOGF16APBL.