Ever hated your opponent so much you wanted to just… eat them? Unfortunately this year, the Gamecocks’ schedule is full of mascots that would result in a cannibalism charge — you can’t just chow down on a pirate or a minuteman. But it’s totally acceptable to take a bite out of this week’s opponent.

Alligator nuggets can be purchased at Palmetto Seafood at 2200 Gervais Street, frozen or on ice for $13.99 for a pound. The ladies behind the counter recommend breading and frying the gator, which works out perfectly since this year’s Florida game is away.

There are many ways to fry a gator, but this method was easy and produced golden brown nuggets quickly and easily.

Gather the ingredients: thawed gator meat, milk, all-purpose white flour, salt, pepper, and your oil of choice that has a high smoke point — we used grapeseed. Set up a saute pan on the stove with at least a ¼ inch of oil, and have tongs nearby. Set up three bowls on the counter, one with a cup of milk, the next with a cup of flour mixed with salt and pepper to taste, and the third to receive the breaded nuggets.

Cut the gator into bite sized nuggets. The nature of the alligator meat will produce organic shaped chunks, but keep the size consistent. Dredge each piece in the flour mixture, dunk in the milk, then dredge in the flour again. Put the twice-dredged pieces in a bowl to await frying.

Heat the oil to medium-high, it’ll be ready when the oil is shiny. Be careful not to crowd the pan, and keep an eye on the nuggets, they only require about a minute on each side to achieve the perfect golden color. Once out of the oil, drain the nuggets on paper towels and enjoy as-is, your favorite seafood sauce or remoulade. Take THAT, gators.

fried alligator nuggets