If you’re like me, which is to say, a late 20s to mid 30s female that has access to a computer or smartphone and enjoys doing things with your hands, you probably have indulged in Pinterest sprees. Yes, sprees. Maybe it starts out innocently with wanting to see how a bunch of things will look together in a room you want to redecorate, or you want to start eating a more paelo-centric diet and need recipes. But next thing you know and 2.8k pins later, it’s easy to idly scroll through the app anywhere – sitting on the couch while watching Friends reruns or during a meeting that’s the same as it ever was, or even in the bathroom because no one will come looking for you for at least 15 minutes probably.

I love Pinterest. It’s a great source of inspiration and new ideas, pretty pictures to ignite creativity or motivation (yes, motivation to clean is the only reason for a a board that’s basically organization porn). But when you get to so many pins and realize you’re still doing the same thing and not using any of the ideas you’ve added to carefully curated boards, what’s the point of it except as a distraction? That’s a good enough use of it as it is, but why not use the thing to it’s potential?

Recently I’ve been having some major wins with recipe pins and wanted to share a list of them for those of you who are tired of having spaghetti and red sauce every week, or blah salads.

  • Sticky garlic noodles (I just used regular spaghetti) and miso broccolini (or just broccoli) for an easy dinner that incorporates a lot of the same ingredients. Bake some tofu sticks alongside the broccoli for extra protein. sticky garlic noodles and miso broccoli
  • Blueberry upside down cake for anyone who got too excited at the blueberry orchard. blueberry upside down cake
  • This zucchini noodle pad thai from Inspiralized, omg. Thank Summer for sending me this one. It’s so light you can literally eat the entire pan and feel totally cool with yourself.
  • Roasted veggie pasta – on one hand it’s too hot to turn on the oven, but on the other hand, all of the vegetables are cheap and in season right now. Brave the heat, or maybe try grilling the veggies instead?
  • We recently got a nice waffle iron with removable plates. CHURRO WAFFLES. How do I not make these every single day? churro waffle

But what’s next? There’s always that next pin, that next thing to try. And these are some of my most recent pins to try:

What’s on your Pinterest that you’ve either made a bunch because it’s so awesome, or that you’ve had pinned forever but still haven’t gotten around to it? Leave a link to it in the comments and follow my boards on Pinterest, I’ll follow you back too.