The mercury is up there and people are posting photos of their wildly inaccurate in-vehicle thermometers like we don’t know it’s toasty outside. For the record, some people are posting that its 109F and no, they are wrong.

famously hot columbia

Though I love the warm weather, I’ve been staying in for the most part this weekend, mostly because that’s where the things I wanted to do were occurring. It’s been a relaxing two days, with little in the way of obligations, leaving plenty of time for hanging out – exactly what I wanted.

Radar on her Coolaroo dog hammock


Radar got a Coolaroo dog hammock on Friday afternoon. She approves. 

Friday night we stayed in and colored with these print out sheets that Patrick found online. Our personalities seem to be pretty accurately reflected in our coloring styles. He’s meticulous about every little bit, while I would take and cross the lines to color larger chunks the same color.

coloring for relaxation

coloring for relaxation

After going to bed early that night, chilled out on coloring, I woke up pretty early the next morning (okay, like 9 a.m.) and decided to head out to the State Farmer’s Market for some produce. It was nice to see a lot of the same vendors in the same spots as they were last autumn when I had last been.

vegetables from the south carolina state farmers market

Aren’t those eggplants gorgeous? They also had white ones as well, but I wanted to go with the purple this go round. After dropping off my goods, I went to the grocery store to get the rest of the things I couldn’t get at the market, and also to use up a bunch of coupons that were expiring that day. They rearranged the freaking Bi-Lo near me so I am still wandering up and down every aisle trying to reorient myself with how the store is set up, and stopped to look at this extensive selection of South Carolina made barbecue sauces. And that’s just some of the ones available!

south carolina barbecue sauces bi lo

With all of that food secured, it was time to actually make something to eat. I had some cottage cheese left over from another recipe earlier in the week (what it was for, I can’t even remember now… oh wait, it was a light mac and cheese that was just okay) and needed to use it up. Conveniently, this ranch quick bread recipe popped up from The Kitchn. It really is a quick and easy to make bread. Probably the hardest part is measuring out all of the herbs and spices. It’s not as ranch-y as I would have hoped, but still pretty nice. I haven’t figured out any way to eat it except lightly buttered, by the slice. If you can’t tell, I am not a big bread eater and can pass on a bread basket at a restaurant most of the time.

ranch quick bread the kitchn

We stayed in the rest of the night, grilling corn and hanging out with Cecil who came over to play our outdoor organ. Originally I was going to go to Craft & Draft for Bierkeller’s Braunbier release party but… inertia overcame me too easily.

Sunday morning was a slow start but once the hunger overcame me I decided that we needed to use the waffle iron I wanted so badly for an anniversary present. This churro waffle recipe looked easy and delicious, which it was. It was amazing. I wouldn’t change a thing except to make less cinnamon sugar.

churro waffles

I then ran out to do a few errands, pick up some craft supplies for an upcoming Good Life Blog post, and stopped by Trader Joe’s to return something. Did you know that you can return any Trader Joe’s product, even without a receipt if you don’t like it? So if anyone ever offers you a TJ’s product… take it. You can totally get credit towards something else you’d rather have!

And finally, I’m rounding out the day with an experiment I’ll discuss more later this week. Let’s just say that it involves two of the best things ever, beer and potatoes. Did anyone else have an enjoyable if not fun hot weekend?

beer soaked sweet potatoes