For a long time I resisted e-readers and felt somewhat smug in my decision to do so. In 2013 I did use my husband’s Kindle to devour all seven Harry Potter books over several weeks prior to a trip to Orlando that of course included Harry Potter World. The ease of transitioning from one book to the next while I was outside reading during my lunch break made me see some of the benefit to the e-reader. Then last year on our trip to Puerto Rico, I wished I had a slim e-reader like he did, rather than the four books I packed, only two of which I ended up reading.

As I have been exploring a greater variety of books thanks to my book club, I have a growing GoodReads list where I add things that I see suggested on blogs, that other book club ladies suggest, the books we plan to read, and my favorite, ones from the Recommended feature (add me if you want- I read a lot of fiction and feminist narrative!). But I found that most of these books were unavailable in hard copy through my local library. So in the fall, I asked Patrick to keep an eye out on Kindle sales for me, as I decided I wanted a Paperwhite just like his — mostly for ease of IT support on it.

reading amazon kindle outside

Currently reading: Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

One of the things I’ve been learning about is the variety of ways to get free books, which is of great importance to me. Through my Lexington County Library card, I have access to Overdrive, where I can treat those books just like they came from the brick and mortar. There is a limit on checkouts, and books can only be kept two weeks. Also just like real books, sometimes I have to be put on a hold list until my “turn” comes up. But unlike an email from the real library about a real book coming in, I can just click a few times and the book just pops right into my Kindle, rather than having to drive to get it within a few days. Most libraries now have

Another great option is Kindle First, where five books per month with little no reviews are put up for free, and you can choose one per month. The idea is to get more ratings for those books. I’ve found some hits and misses among that option.

And though not free, Kindle Deals from Amazon has some options ranging from $1.99 and up. For other Kindle accessories that have to be bought I’ve been enjoying this Fintie case in hot pink.

I’m going on a few trips soon and can’t wait to enjoy only taking this one thing on the airplane and to the beach. I still will enjoy and reach for real, paper books in many instances, but I think I’ve been converted to the joys of the e-reader.