Like every good millennial, I take most of my photos on my iPhone (6). I used to haul my Canon Rebel around everywhere, but for one, it’s chunky and for two, it’s incredibly old and the standard lens on it is scratched from years of abuse. When I upgraded my iPhone last year, I got a special case with a camera hood that’s supposed to make the photos even better. I like to think it works.

rainbow of bell peppers

Walked into Earth Fare, saw this display, couldn’t resist. I’m a sucker for rainbow organization.

the republic of tea matcha tea powder

You know those Facebook videos that are everywhere these days? One from Huffington Post caught my eye recently on the topic of matcha tea. It claimed that matcha would work way better than coffee and give an extended energy release to combat the afternoon slumps, from which I suffer greatly.

On the same trip to Earth Fare where I took the bell pepper picture, I snagged a (very expensive) container of matcha powder by the Republic of Tea and brought it back to the office. Since I was lacking milk or a sweetener other than white sugar, I just heated up a mug of water and swirled in a spoonful of matcha. Uh, this stuff is grassy, ya’ll. I am definitely going to bring some almond milk next week to sweeten it up a bit. As for if it really did help perk me up, well… I did make it to yoga that afternoon!

southern twist organics sinus stick

I have the worst seasonal allergies and have been trying in vain for years to at least calm the symptoms if I can’t avoid the root of the problem, because there’s no way to destroy every oak tree in town. At the Cayce Festival of the Arts the other weekend, I perused April Stroud’s Southern Twist Organics booth while she petted my dog and saw this sinus stick.

It’s very strongly scented with herbal essential oils from eucalyptus to lavender and it really works. I’m not sure it would say, cure a sinus infection, but for the average everyday sinus clogs and sneezing fits, it makes them dissipate after about 10 minutes! I swipe mine to the sides of each nostril and let the mentholated tingles work their magic.

husbands 90s hemp necklace

Patrick recently brought home three tubs of childhood memories, including some that need to stay in the 90s where they belong. The incense is fine, but this hemp necklace which is actually nearly choking him here, definitely will not be making any more appearances. I did make sure to Snapchat it so hard though.

spearmint herb plant

Mint! My spearmint really took off this year which is good because I want plenty of ground cover in this area, as well as garnishes for cocktails and smoothies. In addition to this, I also have a few other varieties, all obtained from the Seven Oaks Plant Shop. From banana to lavender, they’ve got it.

Beyond that, I haven’t been up to too much other than my day job and writing for the Free Times Nibbles & Sips blog, which is where all of my Columbia/Lexington food and drink news goes now. If you want the freshest food details in town, that’s where you’ll find it.

What have you been up to?