Under the spring blue sky, the Midlands has been getting a little bluer itself, from Pelican’s Snoballs massive expansion all over town. The original Columbia location is on Rosewood Drive and while that’s not far at all from home and work, it was still a detour to go there. But they are popping up all over the place now.

The most important one (to me, at least) is at 442 Meeting Street in West Columbia, a road I traverse two to four times a day, depending if I go home for lunch or not. So when I saw a sign pop up in January or so, proclaiming that a Pelican’s was coming, I got excited. The building is a repurposed car wash stand, and was also probably something else prior to that as well.

They opened this location on March 24 and are already attracting hordes of people, hanging out in the shade on their deck, watching the traffic pass down the busy thoroughfare.

So what exactly is special about this place? They shave their ice in a way that makes it fluffier and snow-ier than typical shaved ice. Watch them pack your cup when you go- they cram a surprising amount of ice into each one! Plus the 100+ flavors and combinations can keep your palate intrigued whether you’re feeling fruity or maybe more like coffee.

On opening day I stopped by for a wedding cake snoball, with condensed cream added.

pelicans snoballs west columbia sc


For a little midday sugar rush, I stopped by on the way home for lunch to get something citrusy. The Mai Tai flavor, a combination of orange and lime, was exactly what I wanted, even though it was a little chilly for my taste at only 70ish degrees. As for the size, I feel perfectly content with a $2 kiddie sized cup. Plus, at that price it can be a weekly indulgence without making me go broke!

pelicans snoballs west columbia sc

My personal challenge to myself is to try one of every flavor before ordering a repeat. To see all of the current and upcoming Pelican’s locations, check out their Facebook page.