I don’t really have a whole lot to say today that’s focused on any one thing, but just wanted to comment on the first bits of autumnal crispness that’s creeping into the air. It’s not plain hot when I open the door to let the dogs out in the morning, it’s more of a pleasant tingle of chill. This year has really just whizzed by in an impossible blur. I was looking at our vacation pictures from our trip to Puerto Rico in May and can’t believe that was three whole months ago. If I close my eyes I can conjure up a perfect image of how I felt looking at those perfectly tropical azure waters.

condado puerto rico

In addition to dreaming about my vacation I’ve also been keeping busy doing real things, including writing for the Good Life Blog, which showcases tons of fabulous reasons for shopping at and donating to our local Goodwill stores, which I have always loved to do even before joining the team! I’ll be rolling out posts over there periodically and will link back to them here, including my most recent one where I transformed an ugly plastic thing into a shiny bathroom accessory. Also make sure to read about everyone else’s finds and advice as well too!

goodwill sc good life blog clamshell transformation


What else is new? This coming weekend I’m heading up to Benford Brewing with the South Carolina Girls Pint Out ladies for an afternoon of drinking beer with cows in the pastures surrounding the brewery. And then the next weekend is my annual girls trip with my friends, this year we are going low key and hanging out in a mountain cabin with a hot tub in Bryson City, NC for a long weekend. The lack of plans other than hot tubbing and eating is a total departure from our usual action packed excursions to places like Disney World, Boston, and Washington DC! I can’t wait though, these trips are something we all look forward to all year where we can get together as though no time at all has passed.

girls trip to disney world 2014