When the cost of living goes up but the income stays the same, it’s harder to save a dollar than it ever was before. So in these turbulent times, I decided to embark on a little self-challenge to use up some random ingredients from the pantry to make up meals rather than starting from scratch on the grocery list every week. I found four ingredients that need to just finally be used up once and for all instead of just taking up precious real estate in the kitchen cabinets. The first four are: a box of Trader Joe’s pumpkin soup, half a canister of Italian style bread crumbs, Stubb’s sweet heat barbecue sauce, and about a cup of canahua.

My challenge is to use up all of these items through the coming week. I’ve already got a plan.

Pumpkin soup- fancy pumpkin soup with Parmesan cheese, rosemary, and pepitas.

Bread crumbs- Beer mac and cheese, but with a special South Carolina beer twist. Expect a post on it real soon.

Stubb’s- Easy BBQ tofu alongside asparagus and a TBD grain.

Anyone else out there eating their way through the pantry either to reclaim space, save money, or both?