A few months ago I was eavesdropping at the local watering hole and heard people talking about a new restaurant opening in the former Nonnah’s space on Gervais Street, so naturally, I made my way into the conversation and reported it. Now, several months since, Kaminsky’s (an export from Charleston, and part of the same restaurant group as Pearlz) has opened and has brought with it BOOZY MILKSHAKES!

There is a huge variety to choose from, and what’s listed below is only a third available. Any of their milkshakes can be made “adult” with a suggested liquor. But like with most ¬†things in which one shouldn’t overindulge, there’s a disclaimer about it.

Luckily this one isn’t dangerous.

Poring over my decision while I waited for my friend Eva to join me, I narrowed my choice down to “something chocolatey” though the friendly bar staff recommended the Key Lime Pie and the Dreamsicle. There will be a next time.

I ended up going with Smores, which features chocolate ice cream layered with chocolate sauce, chocolate chips, whipped cream, and topped with crushed graham crackers. It was ridiculously good. It’s also too easy to scarf down, which at $9 a pop and who knows how many calories, isn’t in anyone’s best interest. But one every so often as a treat? YES.

Kaminsky’s just opened on March 31, so as of the time of this writing they’ve only been serving customers for three days, so for those going really soon, be kind to the staff, they’re still getting the flow down. The space has been redone beautifully and has a vintage-modern warehouse unit vibe with bright lighting and a wide bar done in a very light, natural wood tone. It’s a great place to go after a meal out in the Vista or before a show at the Music Farm to get both caffeinated and start your buzz at the same time.