As I mentioned in one of my last posts, five friends and myself have formed a nonprofit to support and organize a week of publicly supported drinking craft beer education and appreciation events. But in all seriousness, as I reported in the Free Times last month, craft beer is giving South Carolina a serious economic boost, with no signs of stopping. And any respectable city has a craft beer week, and so now, shall the capital city.

Soda City Suds Week will run from March 21-28 and as of now we have our bookend events in the works, with plans for all of the juicy weekday events in the hands of our crafty and brilliant local business owners who are the real highlight of and reason for this week. Cultivating appreciation for good beer makes them money, generates tax revenue, makes out state and area look more appealing to outsiders who may want to bring their talents to our sun drenched gloryland, and just plain makes everything better for everyone… and that’s not just the PR person in me for this project talking. I truly believe it, and that’s mostly because I have numbers to back it up, both from the SC Brewers Guild and my own bank account statements.

We are in the middle of getting both sponsors and event hosts for Suds Week, and if you are a Columbia or Lexington, SC business that is craft beer centric, please contact us because we want you involved! If you’re someone who likes to knock back a nice beer every so often, Like our Facebook page for updates. We’re going to produce a high caliber event with FUN reasons to leave your house on a Tuesday or Wednesday, or every night that week. And that’s going by my hermit-y standards, so that’s really saying something.

Some amazing sponsors are already on board, including our Firkin Awesome sponsor, Comer Distributing. We’re blown away by the outpouring of support from the community in us, the board members, because at this point, we are who these folks are putting their money towards, their faith in our ability to make this week happen and happen WELL.

Have you been to a beer week or beer festival? Comment with your favorite type of event, or one you’d like to see happen at a local beer-centric business!