These sunny days in January are a treat that we forget we have nearly every year, so when they come along on a weekend or a holiday it’s even more luxurious. MLK day is the last holiday I’ll have off until July 4, so today is all about relaxing and enjoying the day. Despite a definite lockdown on spending too much extra money, I treated myself to a few little items at Earth Fare since they are all technically things I was sort of needing without going out of my way to procure them.

1. I had been wanting to get ginger tea to go along with my increasing taste for all ginger foodstuffs, and with it also including lemongrass, another favorite flavor, this was immediately in my basket. Not that it’s going to be too terribly cold over the next week, but this will be great for the cold evenings when nothing but hot liquid will do to warm me up.

2. The small bottle is an essential oil blend called Pillow Potion. It features lavender and hops essential oils, which I didn’t know hops was good to promote sleep. Makes sense, since hops is a main ingredient in beer and too much beer makes me sleepy. I got this to use in my essential oil diffuser, a great little device that mists water vapor and miniscule droplets of the oils into the air. It does wonders for making the room it’s in smell great naturally, and the effects of various oils are supposed to have healing effects. I mainly got it to aid me in sleep and in respiratory wellness, as I have a tendency to suffer from awful sinus problems on occasion.

3. The lip tint is by a brand called Pacifica, and this color/flavor is blood orange. It has a slightly darker tint than I usually wear, which I hope I won’t regret. I am the world’s worst at re-applying products, so if I ever wear lipstick, it’s gone after 10 minutes and I never think to put more on. I like this brand of lip color because it’s very hydrating and contains no lanolin, which gives me an extremely unpleasant rash on my face. The vanilla hibiscus color/flavor is more of a pearlescent light pink and looks and tastes amazing. I keep my purse stocked with at least one of these at all times now.

4. The stuff in the plastic box is just tri-color quinoa but I thought the new containers Earth Fare was using is curious. It used to just be that bulk products could only be put into the plastic bags. As someone who doesn’t like to generate a ton of extra waste, I wasn’t sure if the plastic boxes are better or worse, environmentally speaking. They are probably more easy to recycle, but they do take up more space than the bags. Of course, in a perfect world, more cashiers would be open to people who brought their own containers, but they often treat me with suspicion, like I’m lying about the tare of the mason jars. I did go with the plastic box for quinoa because those little granules get some major static electric cling in the plastic bags.

And that was just a few of the more interesting things I got on my outing today. I spent a little more than I would have liked on my store trips, but it’ll be a week’s worth of good eating, plus the oil and tea and lip balm will last a while. Soon I’ll detail what I am cutting my expenses for and a few ways I am cutting down on my biggest expense (food and alcohol, woo!). Anyone bought any fun new products at the grocery store lately?