There’s no doubt that cold beer and a hot summer go hand in hand just like that beer should go in your own hand on said hot summer day and no one knows that better that Columbia residents. Both of our local breweries, Conquest Brewing and River Rat Brewery, are ready with cold ones on the lighter side that are a perfect distraction from the rising mercury.

Saturday, I met my beer buddy Shana at River Rat for their debut of its Twisted Lemon wheat, which delivers a tongue tingling burst of bright citrus on the tongue without being overly saccharine on its own. But for those who like a bit more of a sweet treat, they had Whole Foods create a batch of organic lemonade to mix with the wheat to create a shandy that goes down far too easily. Or, like owner Mike Tourville exclaimed, it was #yummytown.

Adding the lemonade helps to take the ABV down a notch, which helps to make this an excellent session beer for sipping on the brewery’s porch or inside in the air conditioning.

Around the corner, Conquest re-released its second barrel of Jeffeweizen, a hefeweizen riffing on the name of the brewer who created it. “My name fit too well not to do it,” Jeff says.

So how does it taste? “It’s a German style wheat that is drier than some so its not overly sweet. The hops are the star so theres some earthiness and grassiness to it,” he says.

And conveniently for us all, both breweries are within less than a mile of one another which makes it easy to hitch a ride with a new friend or walk to keep getting your drink on and supporting our local brewers.