I like these little memes because sometimes it helps me sort out where I am in the day/week/month/season of life. Plus it’s fun to compare to past ones over time. I ganked this one from Jessica at How Sweet It Is.

Eating /homemade  super lemon ice cream with blueberries

Drinking / water with so much condensation on the glass that it drips on my lap and down my shirt every time I take a sip. Welcome, summertime.
Practicing / slowing down and chilling out. I don’t want to look up and realize it’s October with a brisk nip in the air and wondering why I didn’t go to the pool or spend time getting an ill-advised tan with friends over some cold beers.
Mastering / dumping all of my thoughts into a notebook so I have free space in my mind to concentrate. It’s helping, but I’m not quite there yet.
Learning / to be a better decision maker.
Trying / to live in the moment and not be a control freak. yep.
Playing / DOGE 2048. I am obsessed. It’s also available as an app so you can waste your entire lunchbreak staring at yet another screen trying to win. My high score is over 3000 points and I WANT TO WIN.
Finishing / that container of lemon ice cream apparently.
Reading / On The Road by Jack Kerouac. My book club is reading it, and I’m having a hard time getting into it but after not finishing or even reading the last few books, I’m gonna finish this one.
Remembering / Deadlines. So many deadlines, all good though.
Wearing / Dresses, mostly. Easy to throw one on and look totally put together. I’m having the last laugh, as it takes barely anything to whip one on and go. Ta daaa.
Cooking / So many vegetables. Trying to keep up with my CSA vegetables is great. I’ve been making eggplant “bacon” with last week’s haul and Patrick’s been offering useful suggestions on making it more bacon-like, and the results are impressive, if I do say so myself.
Working / harder than I ever have. My day job is challenging but right where I want to be, 95% of the time. I’m busting it for the Free Times, weekly, which is fantastic and something I never actually thought I’d be doing but here I am, doing it. Sometimes I need to step back and remember that people pay me for words. Seriously. It’s a thing that is happening to me, not just another obligation.
Traveling / to Disney World! My friends and I are planning an early fall trip, and I am excited. We haven’t traveled anywhere this year after last year’s two epic trips to DC and Boston.
Wanting / to find ways to trim the fat from our bills. With the federal mortgage rates dipping, I’m looking into a refinance again, and we are also looking at switching insurance companies. And my mom, and aunt and I are going to do a yard sale soon which will bring in a few bucks. We aren’t hard up or anything, but I want to put our money in worthwhile places, instead of just having it slip out of our fingers towards interest where we’ll never be able to recoup it. One of my and Patrick’s mutual financial plans is to pay off our house quickly, by way of putting extra towards the principal as much as we can.