It may be slightly obvious that I’ve been half in, half out here on this blog, but I haven’t stopped writing. I’ve used this, my social media presence, and these tools to basically create something out of nothing. I started blogging to find a writing voice that I hadn’t used in a while and I was desperate at the time to find a public relations or writing job. At the least, I just wanted to get some freelance writing work. A few years later, I’ve achieved both of those goals and so much more.

I now (finally) have an awesome public relations job, multiple streams of freelance for fantastic publications, and a story to tell those who think that there isn’t any way to get out of the job or life that they can’t believe they are stuck in.

Don’t worry, this sounds like a farewell post, but no way! I might post here less, but I do want to keep doing this because it’s mine, it’s where I started and its a good creative outlet. But it IS so easy to think, “Ehh, I could write this, or take on another paying project.” I’m using this to recommit to posting at least once a week, about life, my projects around the house and in the kitchen, and just keeping this as a way to remember the moments of my life.

So to get back in that saddle, I turned 29 last week and got the best cake ever from my dad. If you follow me on Pinterest, you know that I love doge. And what better way to celebrate than with a DOGE CAKE?

It was made by lbs of cake from Irmo. She makes her own fondant, and I ate the hat, it was marshmallowy and soft! And my coworkers helped me destroy this, and some of them actually believed I was 24.

Turning 29 hasn’t slowed me down though, I spent part of the weekend learning to use new tools to start a Pinterest project that captivated me. I wanted to make a pallet board canvas, so I started by borrowing Patrick’s dirty old car to go pick one up from the distribution business down the road that gives away free pallets. It was my lucky day because when I pulled in to the back parking lot, a fellow was using the forklift to put one into the dumpster, but I convinced him to use the lift to put it directly into the back of the car. Score! A broken hammer, broken hacksaw blade, two trips to Ace Hardware, and several hours later, that sucker was destroyed and reconfigured into this:

The next step is to figure out what to paint on the front of it. My Pinspiration is this and this, but my mind is trying to figure a way to best combine the two. Let me tell you though, using a hacksaw will make your arm SORE. I’ve been slacking on my weightlifting lately though so I am hoping that once I get back into the routine tomorrow, it’ll be less painful the next time.