“Treat yo’ self!” is a familiar phrase to those who are Parks and Recreation fans, but the sentiment should be known to all; because sometimes you just need to treat yo’ self. Maybe you’ve had self doubt, or an insufferable argument or meeting, or perhaps you just had to drop a load of money on something lame like a new tire or toilet repair.

In the name of treating myself today, I stopped by Cromer’s to pick up a bag of boiled peanuts and saw that they had glass bottles of Cheerwine. What could cheer you up better than a soda with happiness right there in the name?

As you can see, I already started on my cheer in the car, because happiness can’t wait.

Boiled peanuts are a favorite summer food of mine, but, they need to not be soggy and dripping, though you’ll find plenty of people who love them that way. I prefer red jumbo or Valencia peanuts to the new crop ones, which tend to be mushier and wetter since they are, as the name suggests a newer crop. My preferences on these slighty salty, brined Southern legumes started when I was a kid and my grandfather planted rows and rows of peanuts in his garden. When I was small they seemed endless. When I was older and had to help more with the picking and tossing in the wheelbarrow, well, those rows still seemed just as endless. Now I wish that they really were.

I could frequently be found in the summer heat, digging up peanuts and eating them raw, where they’ve got that perfect crunch. Luckily there were always plenty left for boiling huge batches of them, to the point where at the end of some summers I’d swear I’d never want another one again. Then the next summer came around… and it never stopped me.

Though I no longer have any of his peanuts left (unless that one freezer-burn crusted bag has survived our freezer excavations), I’ve got the memory and the tradition of sweating through a summer day while they simmer away on the stove. Or, for those time when I want them immediately, when I want to treat myself, there’s always Cromer’s. The glass bottle sodas are just a cherry flavored bonus.