Ya’ll, I was destined to be a writer because I can procrastinate until a deadline is about to loom like nobody’s business. In fact, an article that I wrote this year (I’ll never reveal which one) was literally written the night before it was due. I stand behind its quality though, no doubts about that. But I’ve realized that what burdens me the most is the mindset of thinking about writing instead of just doing it. I love having writing deadlines. I usually do my interviews fairly early on in the writing process and let the lame part like transcribing interviews weigh me down. In fact, speaking of my process, here it is:

  1. Decide on topic
  2. Do interviews/research
  3. Transcribe interviews if necessary
  4. Framework
  5. Write it
  6. Leave it for a few days, edit to final

Maybe it’s not the best way but it’s mine, and the more I write the faster I find that I can do it. This is why having multiple ones is the best way to work- it’s forcing me to write a lot and dilly dally less. Although I make a lot of grand, sweeping statements on here (like writing everyday for a month… uh), I am making a grand, sweeping statement now that all of those deadlines I have due in the next two to three weeks, those suckers will be done EARLY. And then… I’m going to celebrate with one of these.

Everyone procrastinates on one task, what’s yours?