According to studies, people’s tastebuds shift every seven years, causing us as a species to all of a sudden like flavors that we used to hate with a burning passion. Other people’s reasons for hating a certain kind of food is texture, something that I can relate to with my deep-burning loathing for mushrooms. Grits fall into the category of weirding people out with their texture, again, something I can relate to. I used to hate grits until about a year ago when someone brought goat cheese grits to an office party. I decided to try them because they were there and found myself enjoying them. It was a few months later that we received an influx of grits from our friends at the Allen Bros. Milling Company, in honor of Patrick’s birthday. We ate goat cheesy grits throughout the year, and once again on his birthday earlier this month, he was gifted with a bounty.

I took to Pinterest, looking for new ideas on how to use grits and saw a lot of polenta cake recipes. Polenta and grits are pretty similar, right? Well, sort of, but frankly I don’t care about the nitty-gritty details about which one is niacin enriched or not. Inspired by this recipe at food52, I heated and set some yellow Adluh grits in a baking dish to harden up, even sending it for a ride in the fridge overnight for maximum hardening. Sunday morning, hoping for a delicious grit cake breakfast, I tried getting to the pan frying portion of the recipe only to have it fail miserably. But not to be deterred from my gritty breakfast wants, I did what any good cook does and alter the recipe to work for me.

Goat Cheese, Honey and Caramelized Onions over Adluh Grits

Serves 2


  • 1/2 cup Adluh grits
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1/2 yellow onion
  • 2-4 tablespoons goat cheese
  • drizzle of honey
  • salt to taste


  1. ¬†Follow the directions on the grits to prepare. For the Adluh grits, it’s adding 1 part grits to 4 parts water, bringing to a boil, and letting simmer over low for 30 minutes.
  2.  While the grits are going, heat the olive oil over medium heat. Slice the onion into 1/4 inch wide slivers and carefully place into hot oil. Stir to coat. Let the onions saute for 15-20 minutes or until browned, stirring occasionally.
  3. Once the grits are done, taste and salt before spooning into two bowls, then garnish with the onions, goat cheese, and a drizzle of honey.
  4. Serve hot.

I’m still not going to give up on the idea of using grits to make solid cakes like how polenta is used, I’m just going to change my execution.