As a follow up to my last post on awesome kitchen things, here’s the opposite post on things that suck. You know, those space hogging devices that were gag gifts, ill thought out purchases, or “I’ll TOTALLY USE THAT!” moments where you think you’ll change your whole life with a juicer.

1. A Corn Desilker. Let’s face it, this looks like a sphincter. And it works about as well as one on corn. The best corn desilker is your hand, and it’s free. Use that instead.

2. Cheesecloth. Sure, it has its place, but what works a lot better 99% of the time is a very fine mesh strainer, which doesn’t need to be tossed out after being used like cheesecloth does.

3. Specialfruitslicers. Avocado slicers, banana slicers, apple slicers, no. Fruits, especially organic ones, are never a regular shape and trying to stuff them into a special slicer is pointless, especially when a knife is something everyone already has on hand, and can slice through any shaped fruit without having to contort the fruit.One exception I will make is a hard boiled egg slicer, which is convenient and useful on slippery eggs and can also be used on these fruits.

4. Potato scrubbing gloves. What in the hell? Unacceptable. Everyone keeps white bar rags in their kitchen by now, right? Use one of those instead.

Fess up, do you own any of the above items? And how often do you use them?

Like the last post, this one contains some affiliate links, because if you feel compelled to buy any of these products despite my insistence that you don’t need them, the least you can do is follow these links and toss me a few pennies from your resulting (and insulting) purchase!