There are a lot of different viewpoints of kitchen gadgets, tools, and doodads that range from ferocious hatred of single use tools to purposely making tons of items that seem like they have zero use, much less one legitimate one. I swing on both ends of the spectrum. On one hand, I have a terribly laid out kitchen with not a ton of room to store a bunch of junk, and on the other hand I could spend hours and plenty of cash in Charleston Cooks! or any gourmet cookware shop.

That being said, there are some surprise gadgets that I never thought I’d love, along with others that I find myself reaching for frequently enough to earn them a spot within reaching distance in the kitchen. Just FYI, these links below are affiliate links with Amazon.

1. Funnel– because more often than not, liquids and small particles like coffee grounds need to go from a larger vessel to a smaller one. Without a funnel, its a lot easier to spill that liquid or small particles everywhere. I have one specifically made for wide mouth canning jars that gets used at least once or twice a week, especially when I am making vegetable stock or kombucha.

2. Beakers for tea and tablespoons– these were a serious runaway hit Christmas present for me. I adore these things because I hate having to balance liquids in tiny little measuring spoons, and its easy to just measure a few liquids at once in one of these. They are especially great for measuring salad dressing ingredients, I’ve found.

3. Saland tongs– I don’t always serve large salads, but when I do have people over for dinner and need to get it from a big bowl to a smaller plate, those bad boys are HANDY.

4. Hardboiled egg timer– you can’t see inside of eggs so how do you know if they are done?! I like this version that goes from red to purple as your eggs become more hardboiled. I don’t know how it knows, but it does.

Later on this week, as long as I keep up with my deadlines, I’ll publish the second part to this story, which is kitchen things that I have and really don’t need, which is in conjunction with my New Year’s cleaning frenzy that’s currently underway. You know how those are, so I’m