Happy end of the week ya’ll! Earlier this week I realized that my Recipe Page hasn’t been updated in months, and even though I haven’t been posting as many recipes, there were quite a few missing. From putting those in I can tell that I’ve been on a big Southern foods kick this past year, putting a vegetable based twist on classics like the seven layer salad to plugging a watermelon.

After a creative slump lately I am looking forward to getting back to the more usual things around here, the fun recipes with photographs, crazy new flavors, taste tests, and doing fun things around town. Somewhere over the summer I began getting in a big life rut and have only just in the past week realized that’s what happened. Everything became so routine that it was becoming a chore to just exist, as overly dramatic as that sounds.

But now that I have realized that, I’m on a mission to un-routinize parts of my life, because I do like some semblance of constancy in the timing of essentials, like sleeping and eating. Part of being creative is to find newness in everyday life. I might be dragging myself into an office job everyday, and sitting at the computer for most of it, talking to the same people, then going to the same house, in the same city, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t find elements of excitement alongside all of those other things.

To jazz up my life I’ve been doing a few things differently, like going to the Riverwalk on my lunch break and hanging out on the rocks in the middle of the river.


It’s a small step, but doing something other than staying in the office or taking a nap in the car really is a mood booster. And and always, there is inspiration to be had on the mighty Pinterest, where I found this great infographic that has a lot of open-ended ideas (Click for larger).


How do you keeping the creative juices flowing?