In late September and the first week of October I was feeling amazing. Workouts were occuring 3-4 times a week and I was feeling strong and healthy. Every night, I took my vitamins, and on nights after workouts, I wasn’t having any headaches or fatigue.

But after being perpetually busy last week with no time to work out or keep up with myself, once I stopped on Monday… I just burnt out. Hard and fast, and now this week (and the next, from the feels of it) are going to be re-programming weeks, where I get back into the good habits that made me feel good. That is why I haven’t been posting as much, or as active on the Twitters. While all of the things I did are fun things that I wanted to do, and knowingly scheduled myself to do, I just didn’t think about doing them all at once like that, with leaving little time for also keeping my needs in check.

It seems like it only takes only thing to get off track from the habits that we know work for ourselves, and ten times as much effort to get back on the track. Why is it that life is easier to mess up than it is to make easy?

So this is just a short update to say I’m still here, still eating and cooking, just moving at a slower pace lately.